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Beautiful Holographic Awareness
Self-Healing Ability
The New Psychology
The New Psychology
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Introduction to the New Psychology: realizing psychic harmony and creating personal reality through it. Holographic psychology is illustrated using words, symbols and art.

being in her totality — which extends from absolute infinity to all of her expressions in the physical world — is known as the Whole Self. The Whole Self is the entity who experiences the totality of every personality and every experience that she has ever had — real, imagined and dreamed — in this life and all others, across multiple holographic dimensions.
Infinte Being

The anatomy of
the Whole Self

A human being’s ultimate essence is Intelligent Infinity, itself

The Whole Self is your greater, expanded Self. It is your own
quantum presence, a limitless spiritual being who is having all of the experiences. Your entangled roots are orchestrated, layer upon and within layer, ultimately disappearing into infinity.

You can also look at it like this: From the infinite we flow into the worlds of Creation, and are expressed in multiple layers and dimensions ... all the way out to here — to this layer in the physical world — to you, the living presence who is reading these words on the computer screen.

Therefore, we acknowledge that you certainly have the name that you call yourself ... you have a car, a job, a family, assets, memories, a society, culture, a main personality and all that ... but you are much, much more. You are far more mysterious and deeper. The most essential parts of your being stretch all the way back to infinity. You are hereby invited to enjoy, embrace, and rest in your incomprehensible, deeply orchestrated, infinite nature.

Additional reading in the KNOW THYSELF area of this website describes and illustrates holographic awareness and how it is shared through our inner telepathic network:
Holographic Awareness
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The Soul Connection Network

The Whole Self is experienced as an eloquent, singular but also limitless, quantum presence. A being’s presence is rooted in infinity.

Within the magical matrix of presence flows consciousness and Life, Itself.

Presence is felt and experienced as a living spiritual atmosphere in the here and now
. Its nature is mysterious and often perceived as light as a feather. Presence is deep, beautiful and silent. Upon close examination, a being’s presence is felt and appreciated as deliciously serene, incomprehensible and infinite — it truly is “quantum.” In your very own presence, here and now, is the very same stillness that exists within an atom, in a beautiful ancient tree ... and between the stars.

Your presence — right now — is the same presence that you had as a baby, a child, a teen, and so on. Your body, mind, and personality certainly have changed, but your presence has remained the same. It has quietly absorbed all of your experiences, both real and imagined.

The moment of here and now

The quantum presence of a human being is always in the here and now. The here in now is also called the eternal moment.

All thoughts and memories, even those of past and future events, are seen within a being’s presence in the here and now moment.

Seth Speaks
he Whole Self creates, customizes and experiences reality through a beautiful, morphing collage of feelings, thoughts, memories and unique perceptions that make up a vast array of personalities.

All personalities live whithin the individual, but also within the group mind of the species (as an individual is always interconnected to like-feeling and like-minded beings, energertically, holographically and telepathically) and the expression and mindstyles of these personalities are effortlessly accessed through our normal thinking, feeling and dreaming. This access is quantum-field-based through the telepathic communication system of the human species that is called the Soul Connection Network. The SCN lives and functions within every person and is part of our normal psychic make-up.

The library of personalities within an individual is truly vast. During an average person’s physical life time, she will identify with and express several, if not dozens of primary personalities. She also test drives thousands of minor ones. Many of these personalities are not vital on-going parts of her dominant identity, but simply are personalities that she vibrationally dials into for brief periods of time. She does this so that she can mirror them in her own mind, to feel their feelings and to experience their points of view.

Mirror Neurons

There are specialized cells in the brain, called mirror neurons, that spontaneously create a brain-to-brain link between people. This means that our brain waves, its chemistry, and the feelings we experience, can literally be mirroring those of people who we are communicating with, reading stories about, watching on television, or simply thinking about. This is perfectly natural and has been happening all along. It allows us to instantly empathize with others and to know what they are feeling and experiencing.

It turns out that we are natural mind readers. Through mirror neurons, we instinctively and effortlessly put ourselves in the shoes of the person we’re observing. Without even being conscious of it, our brain chemistry instantly mirrors theirs, allowing us to feel what they are experiencing and to see things from their perspective.

Mirror neurons, act like the brain’s WiFi communication system and allows the sharing of the emotional flow, movement and intentions from person to person. Through the WiFi connection, there is a brain to brain link, and a replication of feelings and thoughts between people. Emotional closeness further allows the energetic mental states of people to be shared and absorbed.

The Interface Zone

The Interface Zone is the meeting place, inside yourself, of the physical and the energetic realms. It is your personal psycho-dynamic theater of exchange between the two vibratory worlds. In the Interface Zone, the individual experiences her own local mulitverse and realizes that the thoughts and feelings flowing through her mind and heart are not exclusively her own, but she’s sharing and spontaneously translating the thoughts, feelings, dreams, discoveries and inspirations of others.

The Interface Zone is a dynamic place that
you can manage. Not only is it the psychic bridge to the Soul Connection Network, but it can also be consciously customized into a buffer system to help transmute your participation in energies and inner holographic content that keeps you circulating in chaos, fear and disharmony. By taking care of your Interface Zone, you can have more success in aligning to energies, thoughts, dreams and feelings that are unified, expansive, inspirational and serene.

Certain types of music and art, and the energetic tools of the the New Psychology can be effectively used to enhance, balance and orchestrate this vital psychic space. Hence, if a being’s Interface Zone is managed properly, it can help the individual migrate to new, deeper, spectacular levels of vibrational harmony.

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The extraordinary, seemingly magical,
natural abilities of the Whole Self
are appreciated and emphasized
in the New Psychology


Even though each person has her essence in infinity, she is not a blob of chaos. For from infinity flows everything in Creation which spontaneously manifest from incredibly deep, well-orchestrated patterns. Hence, our thoughts, feelings and even the atoms and energies in our bodies exist and play together on a foundation of universal harmony. The foundation of harmony allows for the unfolding of the diverse experiences and opportunities in the theater of life.

Self-orchestration is a natural ability and feature of everything in creation. Every galaxy, star, planet, ecosystem, being and atom ... naturally self-orchestrates on many levels. The same is true for the mind and heart of the individual. Self-orchestration is the normal expression of our psychic existence. If one does not know, see and feel this essential orchestration, then they are momentarily assisting in the creation of experiences in which the harmony is not being felt, known, understood and appreciated. I say “momentarily” because everything exists in the eternal moment. Such moments may last a life time for some individuals, but still, years of linear time are easily enfolded into the eternal moment.

Everyone experiences chaos and clashes as a normal part of existence. Rather than say “no,” or try to hide from these experiences, or try to resist them, a being aligned to the principles of the new psychology simply accepts and experiences chaos and clashes for what they are. She processes them knowing that they are part of the whole experience of life. She sees them as opportunities for transformation and allows them to come into existence, live for a while, and then disappear ... like everything else.


Built into our bodies are teams of the greatest healers in the Universe in the form of our very own cells, immune systems and chi energy. Our brains are considered the command and control center for the most magical pharmacy you can imagine as it seemingly has the ability to make any drug known to man ... and millions that are yet to be discovered. Not only are our bodies constantly healing themselves on a cellular level, in thousands of ways each day, but the amazing placebo effect seen in medical studies boldly speaks of our amazing natural powers to self heal nearly every disease, stress, or issue ... no matter how great or small ... at an incredible speed.

The new psychology appreciates our natural ability to self-heal, and assists in the alignment to their free expression.


The vast majority of the time we intuitively know how to “right our selves” when out of balance. We usually do this without the help or guidance of the logical mind. The new psychology recognizes our innate self-balancing ability, and helps it along by getting the logical mind from the equation and allowing their own inner nature to have its way. If further assistance is needed, then the simple tools of the new psychology can be applied.

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