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Indigo Children & Adults

Indigo Children & Adults
Highly advanced souls are incarnating into the physical dimension on Earth to move humankind in specific, positive, expansive ways. This influx is part of the normal evolutionary process that occurs on life bearing planets throughout the Universe ... planets that are home to three-dimensional human populations. These advanced souls — most of whom are not from this solar system — are encoded with predispositions to be transformers of the energies and cultures that they are born into. Commonly known as Indigo Children they are members of a great community of souls called the Family of Light and the first wave of these beings are already here. By the year 2080 there will be over 200 million in physical incarnations on the planet. They are the transformers who will bring symmetry to the asymmetrical physical, emotional, and psychic realms of humankind. Ultimately, they will create profound innovations in the fields of science, art, and philosophy. The leaders of this movement will be responsible for the discovery, clarification and the distribution of knowledge pertaining to the irrefutable scientific proof that the true essence and core identity of every human being is an immortal soul. This discovery is called "The Grand Portal."

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