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The 6 sections in TRANSFORMATION describe how personal reality is created, present a fascinating easy-to-use self-help program for personal transformation, share amazing ways to self-heal and self-orchestrate your body-mind-heart, and offer a compelling vision of our future.

Creating Personal RealityCreating Personal Reality
The ever-changing reality of your life, is something that you have helped create, and in fact it is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, dreams, beliefs, doubts, memories, hopes, fears, and subtlest vibrations. In the sequencing of Creation as it unfolds. “The internal begets the external.” In other words: personal reality is created from the inside-out.

Stories for TransformationStories for Transformation  {7 Parts & 5 Stories}
This is the easy-to-use self-help program offered by this website. Stories for Transformation™ is a collection of short stories that form a safe, incredibly simple, user-friendly tool for personal transformation. The stories are designed to expand the reader’s internal imagery, feelings and beliefs which reveal and unlock orchestrated fields of awareness that live at the core of their life and the heart of the Universe.

The New PsychologyThe New Psychology  {4 Parts}
A new psychology is dawning. It has a different orientation and perspective than what we have thought psychology to be. Whereas the “old psychology” popularized mental and emotional problems and how to fix them, the new psychology popularizes harmony, self-orchestration and freedom of expression. It visualizes and supports the natural energetic orchestration of thoughts, feelings, dreams and stillness, into a symphony of wholeness, harmony and beauty. The normal chaos that defines the inner reality of the modern human is gradually replaced by the original harmony that lives at the core of life and the heart of the Universe.

The Great Story & the New EarthThe Great Story & the New Earth
The Great Story tells the history of the universe in a way that is simultaneously scientific and sacred. It articulates the understandings of modern science — especially the evolutionary sciences ranging from stellar evolution to biological evolution and cultural evolution — as a sacred creation story, much like the traditional creation myths passed down through oral cultures and sacred texts. The New Earth is a highly attractive vision of our future that millions of people are seeing, feeling, and engaging with inside themselves. Hence, the New Earth is an inner realm composed of thoughts, images, visions, feelings and inspiration. It is a Tributary Zone that lives in the collective mind of the species as holographic content.

The Grand PortalThe Grand Portal & Tributary Zones  {2 Parts}
The Grand Portal and Tributary Zones are compelling central parts of the mythology told by the Wingmakers. The Grand Portal is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the eternal soul and how it lives and performs its functions within the human body. Its discovery and verification by science is the crowning achievement of humanity and ushers in profound changes to all sectors of the planet’s population. It merges science, spirituality, art, and the Super Universe, placing humanity in a position to embrace all dimensions of the multiverse while existing in harmony, in the physical dimension. In the stories told by the Wingmakers, this is what the so-called Shift is all about. The Grand Portal is slated to be discovered, verified, and assimilated by science around the year 2080. Tributary Zones are huge repositories of knowledge and wisdom (usually accessed in the dream state) that are catalysts for awakening the soul for the purpose of helping humanity evolve in spectacular, beneficial, benevolent ways ... and most especially to discover the Grand Portal.

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