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Stories for Transformation #8226; Stories of Transformation
Inner journeys to personal and global harmony.
Sacred Psychology / Personal Mythology

Stories for Transformatio is the easy-to-use self-help program offered by this website. It is a collection of short stories that form a safe, incredibly simple, user-friendly tool for personal transformation.

The stories are designed to expand the reader’s internal imagery, feelings and beliefs which reveal and unlock orchestrated fields of awareness that live at the core of their life and the heart of the Universe.

The simple purpose behind this project is to help the reader shift to more harmonious states of Being. Such intimate, often outwardly-invisible transformations are significant achievements for any individual. They are also the necessary forerunners to providing a sheltered womb for the incubation of a grand and precious dream ... a dream of wholeness so profound that it transcends our present life and this world. Encoded within these stories is the essence of a remarkable vision — not only of you, dear Reader, but of humanity’s future as well.

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