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The type of symbology used in the Stories and the reader’s perspective.

f you were to set up a telescope in your back yard, point it towards a specific group of stars and then look through it ... at first, everything would appear blurry. The instrument would not be properly focused or pointed in precisely the right direction. But then, as you carefully adjust the dials and the direction of the scope, you would soon zero-in on the target. Beautiful clarity would flood into your awareness as the stars that have been there all along come into view.

The explanation that follows appears only once on this site, and we use the first story —
The Woman, Castle & Moat — to shed light on the type of symbology used in all the stories. May this explanation help you adjust the direction of your own inward-oriented telescope — the one that gazes across the inner cosmos of your thoughts and dreams — so that the deeper meanings, purposes and possibilities that have been there all along come into view.

Shift your point of view to move to new inner areas of insight and understanding

The Woman, Castle & Moat story is designed to help people who feel that an external person or a significant external factor is standing in their way to being healthy and happy. In the center of the story’s Issues Target (page 31) it is written: “I cannot be well, healthy or happy because of the relationship with my partner.” This is the specific issue that the story is designed to help.

Therefore, we offer this SUGGESTION TO THE READER: While you are immersed in
The Woman, Castle & Moat story, rather than exclusively thinking that your partner or limiting influences are external from you ... you are invited to see:


Main symbols in the story The Woman, Castle & Moat:

•  The reader who selected this as their story, is invited to see themselves as being similar to the woman in the story.
•  The castle that the main character lives in represents the reader’s mind/body.
•  The symbol for the reader’s partner or external limiting factor is the moat. In the story, the main character feels trapped by the moat — which is external to her — and she perceives it as separating her from the resources she needs for her own health and well being.
•  The great natural landscape that stretches out beyond the moat is symbolic for All That Is. It is her connection to All That Is and its resources that hold the key to her healing.

IN SUMMARY: As you immerse yourself in The Woman, Castle & Moat story, you may feel that you are like the main character in the story. The presence of your partner or the limiting factor holding you back that you feel internally is like the moat. And, just as the woman resolves her issues through new, profound inner discoveries and realizations, there is a very real possibility that you will follow in her tracks.

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