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The Unification Healing Matrix

The most profound experience of the first trip, and the turning point in Sarah’s life happened late one night just before she was going to bed. The travelers happened to be staying at the guide’s modest home, in an agricultural area on the edge of a quiet town. The little girl said that she had something special to share with Sarah, who was always receptive to whatever the fascinating child had to offer.

The child scooted Sarah’s cot out to the middle of the room and requested that Sarah lay down and relax. The girl lit three candles, widely spaced in different parts of the room: two were in the direction of Sarah’s feet and one behind her head. Sarah noticed that the candles formed an equilateral triangle that emitted an incredibly stable feeling of energy in which she felt comfortably absorbed.

The child announced that she was going to work with Spirit to help bring healing to some of Sarah’s biggest problems. They had not talked about any of Sarah’s issues, and Sarah was surprised that the child would boldly bring up anything of this nature. But with a light heart Sarah chuckled “Everyone has problems,” and she settled in to play along with the game. “It will not hurt to entertain the child” she thought to herself. In later years, the healing ceremony that Sarah experienced that evening was called the Unification Healing Matrix, and would be quietly shared among special people, one-on-one, around the world.

The child softly placed her hands on either side of Sarah’s head, and asked her to close her eyes and relax deeper than she ever had before. Sarah could hear her friend take a few deep thoughtful breaths, and then create a profoundly sacred space with these words:

“All beings are intimate with First Source. The One Spirit has returned to consciously claim its own.”

Sarah was stunned and electrified by such a statement. Her mind was instantly and unexpectedly set free of all memories like a flock of doves suddenly released from a cage. Sarah’s conscious presence floated in blissful timelessness as the child continued in a remarkably confident, clear voice, intoned with poetic cadence ...

“There is no being more sacred than another. There is no space more divine than another. The pathway to God is this present moment in which everything resides. To value all things as they are and to be a witness to the wholeness of their expression is to be One with the Infinite. Personal reality is a fragment of God’s reality, and is Its divine expression. True freedom is living as a manifestation of First Source, the God of One and All.”

The most beautiful, spacious silence filled the room. Sarah felt utterly free.

Sarah sensed the girl gently moving around her body from head to toe. Occasionally she peeked out to see that the girl had her eyes closed and her hands hovering above Sarah, moving in graceful, slow, sweeping passes, as if playing a symphony of divine energy. Everywhere the girl’s hands went, a delightful tingling was felt in Sarah’s body and in the atmosphere between them.

The girl whispered to Sarah that she should repeat the phrases that she was about to hear. Sarah, with her eyes closed, and with the child continuing to hover above, listens to and repeats these words:

“I am here!”

“I am found.”

“I am precious and pure, just as I am.”

“I am adored by First Source as I am Its child.”

“I am deserving of conscious re-unification with the Infinite.”

“I release the sorrow that has been caused by separation from the Infinite.”

“Light fills my Soul.”

“I am strong in deep, infinite wholeness.”

“My unification is thorough and I now have everything I need.”

“I am connected to everyone and everything.”

“I am One with the Universe.”

“We are One!”

With these final words the child came to rest back at the place she started, and once again placed her hands to either side of Sarah’s head. Then she slowly bent over and kissed Sarah on the forehead like a mother kisses her child.

The ceremony was complete. The girl stepped back into the darkness of the room, leaving Sarah floating in silent wonder.

Sarah knew that something very special had just happened. Her logical mind was impressed, speechless, and tranquilized, and made no attempt to figure it out. There was perfect clarity with the knowing that a deep connection had been made to something so ancient, mysterious, and primordial that she knew it transcended her present life and this world. She could not fully grasp it, but she felt enveloped in what she identified as the energy, incomprehensible intelligence and compassionate presence of All That Is. Sarah knew that something had just happened that would change her forever.

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