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Stories for Transformation
Recognizable results

tories for Transformation
are designed to work slowly. They are not made on the fast food template. They are not designed to give the reader instant recognizable results in transforming their mind, their health, their situations, or to immediately change the unfolding events in their lives. The way the stories work is similar to the way a garden grows ... it takes time to mature. The stories are designed to help you stay steady from day to day, and help to assist your inner energy patterns become more balanced and harmonious over time. Hence, the changes that you make will probably be imperceptible for days, weeks, and maybe months. The changes are happening behind the scenes in the inner world of your energy, background thoughts, deep symbolic imagery, feelings, personal stories and beliefs.

Recognizable results will probably appear to you one day through a pleasant realization that you have become more balanced and unified than you were say, last year. When you trace back to where and how the transformation started, you might see the Stories for Transformation quietly sitting near the beginning of the sequence of events that have unfolded.

Disclaimer — the scope of SFT and your responsibility
The entire Stories for Transformation project is offered to embrace the flow of personal spiritual growth, and to inspire new expansive thoughts, feelings, beliefs and harmonious energies to arise within readers and participants. The information and materials presented on our websites and forums, and in our books, articles, essays, emails, pdfs and works of art are educational resources only. They are not a substitute for health care and do not constitute professional psychological, spiritual or health advice. For specific questions, answers, opinions, advice and services, it is the responsibility of the reader to consult a professional.

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