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Stories for Transformation
Reading Instructions

hese instructions are for those who will be using the stories for purposes of inner transformation ... to assist you in overcoming certain emotional or psychological issues. These are issues that block your way to being a more harmonious, happy, integrated, spiritually-centered being — one who feels connected to humankind, the Earth and the Universe.

The instructions consist of two user-friendly parts:

Reading Instructions for Stories for Transformation
Reading Instructions

That’s it. There’s nothing more to do. The main idea is to immerse your heart and mind with a story for a continuous 30-day period.

*The Holographic Replay Technique

The technique begins by first reading a story in the normal way. Then, become aware that the story has been transposed into a thought-movie inside yourself. The inner movie is holographic in nature and is stored in memory. All or parts of it can be recalled whenever you please. In fact, some scenes and words of the story effortlessly flash in your mind throughout the day, seemingly on their own.

The word “replay” in the Reading Instructions describe a process in which you deliberately and consciously review the entire story as an inner holographic movie. This is accomplished by deliberately
scanning the story in its external form (in print or on the web) page by page and scene by scene, using your physical eyes and senses. While scanning, allow your focused attention to intuitively find key words and sentences in every paragraph that act as catalysts, making the story light-up and replay from start to finish, in all its mystery, feelings and details, within yourself.

Losing yourself in the story

When we say “lose yourself in the story” we mean do your best to empathize with the main character ... use your imagination and a light heart to see yourself as the main character.

You are invited to day dream about the story and welcome its imagery, phrases, concepts, energies and feelings to freely appear and disappear in your inner world.

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READ MORE: The next section is Symbology & the reader’s perspective.


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