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Stories for Transformation

he stories are designed to help people who feel they are emotionally or psychologically stuck on certain issues. Each story has an Issues Target that explains several issues. The story is designed to help the reader become free of those issues. Even though our stories are focused on specific issues, immersion with a story casts a wide influence over the energy and holographic make-up within the reader. Engaging with a story consistently for a month as suggested in the Reading Instructions may also assist people who are stuck in feelings and inner spaces that are only slightly related to the central issue that the story is designed to help.

Click the small images below to make the larger, legible versions of the Issues Targets appear in new windows.

Issues Targets for Stories 1–5:

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The Woman, Castle & Moat
This story is designed to help people who feel that another person or a significant external factor is standing in their way of being healthy and happy.
Click to Enlarge Child
This story will help people who are their own worst enemy, and who have “tried everything” but have not found a way out of their self-involved rut. The reader will be shown a unique way to accept and love themselves at the very core of their being. From that base of love and acceptance springs the same for others ... for animals, plants, nature, and for the whole universe. Assimilation of this story will help the reader embrace the wholeness of life and sense their destiny.
Click to Enlarge Tree of Life
This story will help people who are bothered by obsessive thinking. Meditators call this the “monkey mind.” Readers will be helped to form a new identity with a calm mind ... which over time makes a healing, wise, compassionate heart flower into being.
Click to Enlarge Finding My Inner Father
This story helps people who have issues stemming from a very dysfunctional relationship with a parental figure, and they see the qualities and energies of that primary relationship being reflected in many relationships with other people in their lives.
Click to Enlarge Eternal Heart
Two stories, read separately, intertwine into one. The stories speak of compassion, multi-dimensional reality, the prime importance of pets, and how a transformed person (who’s symbolically the reader in the future) will be able to use his new-found inner skills as a sovereign being ... with intelligence, compassion, and magical creativity.

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