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Stories for Transformation
Rise of the Radiant Goddess
Introduction to Stories for Transformation


tories for Transformation
is the easy-to-use self-help program offered by this website. It is a collection of short stories that form a safe, incredibly simple, user-friendly tool for personal transformation.

By simply reading our stories, a person’s energy is influenced through the exchange of subtle energies between the holographic worlds of the stories and the vibrating heart and mind of the reader. This program is a unique adventure into the exciting new realms of personal mythology, sacred positive psychology and mirror neurons. It brings forth the natural abilities of the soul to transform, navigate, and create inner reality.

These transformational stories are designed to gently expand the reader’s internal imagery, feelings and beliefs in highly positive and benevolent directions. This process reveals and unlocks the orchestrated fields of awareness that are native to the soul as it pulses into creation from the quantum center of the Universe ... through your own quiet center of stillness, within.

The simple purpose behind this project is to help the reader shift to more harmonious states of being. Such intimate, often outwardly-invisible transformations are significant achievements for any individual. They are also the necessary forerunners to providing a sheltered womb for the incubation of a grand and precious dream ... a dream of wholeness so profound that it transcends our present life and this world. Encoded within these stories is the essence of a remarkable vision — not only of you, dear Reader, but of humanity’s future as well.

Personal journeys to the foundation of harmony

The stories in this project serve as energetic maps to help guide readers as they journey to new theaters of harmonic inner experience. And, you will learn in the sections that follow — a person's inner experience is a dynamic and powerful incubator for the experiences unfolding around them in the physical world.

The first 5 stories now available — the
Foundations of Harmony series — are designed to help people who feel they are emotionally, psychologically or energetically stuck on certain issues. Each story has an Issues Target that explains several issues. A story is designed to help the reader become free of the energies that its Issues Target describes.

Even though each of our stories are focused on specific issues, immersion with a story casts a wide influence over the energy and holographic make-up within the reader. Engaging with a story consistently for a month, as suggested in the Reading Instructions may also assist people who are stuck in feelings and inner spaces that are only slightly related to the central issue that the story is designed to help. Please read Recognizable Results to learn about the pace of transformations.

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The Woman, Castle & Moat
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sun space

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