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How the Stories work

y contemplating the main character in a story and
repeatedly considering what they are going through
and how they interact with their world, you become
energetically entangled with them. If you can relate to the character and form a bond with her, you open a door inside yourself that allows connection to the feelings, intelligence, insights and wisdom that resides in the quantum field address that the character is energetically related to. Through empathy and entanglement, on ultra-subtle, invisible levels of your being, you assimilate the patterns of energy that are holographically built into and being transmitted by the character.

“UCLA researchers show that specialized brain cells known as mirror neurons activate both when we observe the actions of others and when we simply read sentences describing the same action. When we read a book, these specialized cells respond as if we are actually doing what the book character was doing.” (Read this article on mirror neurons.)

You may remember in an earlier essay on the principles of Holographic Awareness, we discussed how
everything is a universe inside a universe with infinite depth. Not only is this true for people, galaxies and grains of sand, but also for our thoughts, dreams and the characters that we have inside us. We live in a giant super-holographic universe. Hence, the characters in the Stories for Transformation are not exceptions to the holographic rule, as they too are universes in universes with infinite depth.

Who do you have within? Whose energy and holographic content are you interacting with?

For many of us, the characters that we most often have in our thoughts cannot be accurately described as healthy, balanced individuals. Many of the people that we see in our inner world — people in our memories and those that swirl in our feelings — have not solved the issues they are facing. They often are not bright, wise, harmonious beings who deeply and truly enjoy life. Many of them have problems and we are energetically entangled with them.

These characters in our inner world are reflections of others, or are aspects of ourselves. We are struggling with certain ideas, images, feelings, memories and the energy associated with them. In the theater of our mind, we see their faces and physical forms and we hear and feel their problems and arguments being replayed over and over again. As we interact with the main characters that live in our thoughts and feelings, we can’t help but feel, absorb and live with the patterns of energy that they share with us. For many people, their inner environments are dominated with a high level of chaos and are populated with beings who are arguing and fighting with one another.

Most people do not have heroes and guides in their inner world that are familiar with the metaphysical landscape ... beings who step out of the shadows and shed new and brighter light across the realms of thoughts and memory ... beings who have new stories to tell and who will show you the way to hidden paths that lead to the vast inner universe of harmony. You, dear Reader, may not have known that such good and noble beings exist in your inner world ... until now. They are parts of yourself that can and should be activated, and brought to the forefront of your inner life.

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The SFT characters are involved in life-changing inner events and their stories end differently than the usual stories that we replay over and over again in our minds

Following along with the SFT story lines and contemplating how the characters react to the environments and situations that they find themselves in, builds neural pathways within yourself to new holographic worlds for you to experience. Through the normal functioning of mirror neurons in your brain, the stories project bright inner routes to new territories of harmony that lay off the beaten track of the places you may normally be seeing and experiencing, in your inner world.

Contemplating the characters over a period of time, transmits an intuitive intelligence that is part of the makeup of the character. Actually, these characters are aspects of yourself, and they exist in the inner regions that are part of who you are. By contemplating them and their stories, you activate your own inner abilities, intuition and wisdom.

The activation of intuitive intelligence is subtle and invisible, and it happens in the most quiet regions of the human spirit. But its activation radiates valuable directional guidance for your energy and focus, as you embark on new journeys to the higher landscapes of your own inner cosmos. And, you’ll learn in the pages that follow that what a person goes through internally is the crucible of creation for what unfolds around them in the so-called “external” world.

At work & play ... in the quantum field

The energetic relationship between the reader and the story is rooted in physics — with the knowledge that every human being is an organized system of unseen energy that is forever living in, and vibrating with the universal quantum field. The individual and the quantum field are not separate entities but are intimately connected. In fact, the quantum field is the very essence of being and you can rightly say that we are quantum beings.

The primary zone of creative interaction between the individual and the universal quantum field is a person’s collage of thoughts and the deepest feelings that one identifies with. A person’s core beliefs, the ideas about who and what one thinks she is, and the feelings that swirl around the center of her being form invisible patterns of energy that are the primary creators of personal reality. The energies, thoughts and feelings automatically and constantly interact with the quantum field ... which responds by forming custom-made personal realities for the individual to experience. The popular name for this process is called the
creation of personal reality.

Up until now, most of us have been taught a point of view that sees the individual as one thing and the universe “out there” as another. But it is now believed by many scientists, philosophers and spiritual adepts that the so-called “external universe” that an individual finds oneself surrounded by and interacting with on a personal level is intimately connected to our innermost thoughts, feelings, beliefs, chemistry and unique vibrations. They believe that an individual’s inner cosmos attracts the events, relationships, environments and situations that compose the so-called “outer universe” that is experienced. “The inner begets the outer” is an ancient observation that is ringing true in the minds of today’s most brilliant thinkers. Personal reality is created to a significant degree, from the inside-out.

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Many are stuck in creating the same personal reality over and over again

All would be well if people were using their innermost thoughts and feelings to design happy and healthy lives. But, this is not the case throughout much of the world today as many people have created realities that are out of balance, painful, fragmented and incomplete. They seem to be in a “holding pattern” in which the same personal reality is being recreated over and over again.

On closer inspection, people might realize that their parents, siblings and friends are creating similar realities as their own. From a quantum perspective, they are in the same resonant family and are cooperating in the creation of a group reality. But people outside of their resonant family may be creating personal realities that are completely different ... realities that can be more healthy, whole and satisfying. The difference between the two groups is that each is holding onto different invisible energy patterns within themselves. Each group has a different collage of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, memories and vibrations that they identify with — resulting in the creation of widely different personal realities for each group to experience.

Each resonant family has a unique story to tell ... and the story is of the experiences that they create and share. Resonant families often support the continual replay and recreation of the experiences that its members have in common. This can be a good thing, of course, if the experiences being recreated are healthy and satisfying. If the experiences are not good for you, and you do not need to recreate them again and again, then you can choose to make a shift in your energy, thoughts and feelings, and create new experiences in a new personal reality.

The stories about you and your life that you carry within yourself are helping to create your current personal reality ... and are setting-up future realities for you to experience

In the deepest, most mysterious areas of your being, your energies, feelings, memories and beliefs are woven into holographic expressions that form dreams and stories about yourself. These dreams and stories define who you are, to yourself. Subconsciously — moment by moment, day after day, year after year — you hold onto these holographic ideas about yourself which radiate their unique patterns of energy into the quantum field. By holding onto their energy, and providing a home for their existence in the depths of your being, your personal reality is constantly being formed — in you and around you — in the here and now.

Again: all is well if the stories about yourself are creating realities that are satisfying and healthy. If not, then Stories for Transformation may be of gentle assistance in expanding your vision so that you may see a more harmonious, unified, mystical and soulful
you. In time, the expanded vision of yourself — the new story of who and what you are — will help create new, meaningful, personal realities for you to experience.

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