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orbGetting Started with Stories for Transformation

Stories for Transformation help you determine where you are stuck ... which is your starting point. This is accomplished when you read through the stories and find one or two that you most resonate with. If you easily empathize with a main character and what she or he is going through then that story may be your story

Issues Targets

If you are reading this to assist you in overcoming an emotional or psychological issue, then you might be able to find your stories by scanning through the Issues Target graphics. There is one Issues Target for every story. Each of these graphics show a cluster of personal issues that relate to the story. When you find phrases in the graphics that resonate with you, then you can read that story to see if it rings true for you. “In resonance you will be guided” is a timeless spiritual suggestion that you are invited to use to find the stories that will be most helpful in gently moving your heart and mind to more harmonious states of well-being.

You will soon see that our stories are different than the personal inner stories that are going through your mind. Each of these stories contains new and different symbols than what you may be engaging with internally ... and certainly, all our stories have new and better endings than most people’s inner stories.

For those who are using the stories for personal transformation, the Reading Instructions should be faithfully followed

The two-part Reading Instructions are exquisitely simple and worth repeating:

1.  Find your story and read it at least once.
Then, every-other-day for a month, replay
the entire story in the theater of your heart.
2.  Lose yourself in the story. Search for meaning,
inspirational energies, and understanding.

Allow the imagery, characters, and special phrases in the story to have a home in your heart and mind. Become involved in an ongoing, always evolving process that searches for understanding between you and the story.

That’s it! — There’s nothing more to do.

Do not over-analyze the story with the rational part of your mind, thinking that logical foundations are necessary to produce harmonious, profound, energetic transformations, for they are not. It is best to simply enjoy the process. Welcome a good portion of your relationship with the story to remain a mystery so that your mind and energy are allowed to freely dance with its characters and in its landscapes over time.

You don’t have to try to make the story’s conclusion translate into similar situations in your own life. If such a translation happens, then we suggest that you let it happen on its own as a result of how your deepest energies are sitting in and interacting with the universal quantum field. Hence, please don’t force change ... just relax and let the transformations come naturally, on their own and in their own time.

You don’t have to believe that the story is either true or a fairy tale. Just read your story and become involved with it for a month — period! There’s nothing difficult about it.

Immersion, Understanding + a Light Heart

We do suggest that you try to reach for some understanding when reading your story. Ask yourself: “Why in the world am I attracted to this particular story?” Wonder about the relationship between the story and you. “Why is this my story? Where is this taking me?” You may feel something is happening in your inner world ... but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Still, try to engage with it searching for meaning and purpose. The process is mysterious and you may never find the answers that you hoped for, but still, jump into it with both feet! With these stories, the process of immersion is the most imortant thing.

Have a light heart and enjoy the experience.

sun space

READ MORE: The next section is Issue Targets.


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