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Stories for Transformation
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Future plans for the Stories for Transformation project

here are several stories currently in development that will form the next set in this project: Volume 2, Stories 6–10. Ultimately, I envision that there will be dozens of stories, written by many authors. They will be available in many languages and enjoyed by a diverse audience from all over the world.

In the same spirit and intention as the first 5 stories, more will be developed that are designed to help free people from the inner fields of energy in which they feel mentally or emotionally stuck.

Most fascinating to me are the stories being created that see wondrous visions of the future. Unlike the first 5 stories, these are not necessarily designed to help in the healing of emotional issues within readers — though they are welcome to have that effect, and for some people these stories certainly will assist in the activation of their own self-healing abilities. But, the stories of this nature are primarily designed to seed and incubate future realities. They focus upon the feeling, the visualization, and the energizing of fascinating, sustainable and beautiful futures for humankind.

Stories will also be created for readers who sense they have a special purpose — be it great or small — in the evolution of humanity. These stories will assist in the growth of unique harmonies, virtues and courage in the hearts of readers. They will help in the formation of very rare, sheltered, and beautiful inner nurseries where the highest possibilities of Life’s expressions can be conceived, nourished and born.

I invite you to share with me any ideas, suggestions, reviews, or short stories that you feel might be a notable addition to Stories for Transformation.

Peace & Blessings — Always!

Teka Luttrell
The Family of Light


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