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The Soul Connection Network The Soul Connection Network
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The Soul Connection Network: The inner telepathic communication system of the human species.

he Soul Connection Network is our natural, living, original communication system that has always functioned, you might say “behind the scenes.” We are connected and communicating through quantum and psychic channels, 24–7. Through it we share thoughts, feelings, images, hopes, memories, subtle energies and dreams with others on the network.

  “Through traveling within yourselves, you will discover the unity of consciousness with other consciousnesses. You will discover the multidimensional love and energy that gives consciousness to all things.”

Seth Speaks: The eternal validity of the soul

by Seth & Jane Roberts

The human family has always been united through the Soul Connection Network (SCN), as it is part of our group psychic anatomy. It is essential for the continuity and continuation of the species. Our personal network is set in the vast webs of consciousness that link and unify all beings and all life in the Grand Universe.

Time and distance have little or no influence on the communications we share on the SCN, for the network’s platform and base of operations is the universal quantum field.

It does not matter where people are physically located around the globe as we truly are united through the SCN. We need not be or do anything special to connect, as the Soul Connection Network is always turned on and functioning. It is a part of our natural state of presence in our own here-and-now reality. We are always, effortlessly, transmitting and receiving information through the SCN ... while awake and asleep. Each being is a node on the network, and is simultaneously linked to others ... and to all of life through it.

Gateway to the SCN
  “It is not the outward manifestations that unify, it is the inward center of energy upon which the pieces of diversity are layered that unifies all manifestations.”

WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber One > Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral

by James of the
Lyricus Teaching Order

The portal for an individual to connect with the Soul Connection Network is inside themselves — in their Personal Inner Hologram. Access to the SCN is so ordinary, common and well-used, that many people cannot believe that a telepathic gateway exists right before them (or rather — immediately inside themselves), but it does.

Each of us are subconsciously and consciously connected to the network through our own heart and mind. One type of connection is through a being’s ordinary attention. The conscious attention is our personal spotlight of awareness, and we shine its light to illuminate the “things” that we wish to experience. We use our focused attention to see, feel and interact with the environments, beings and fields of energy that populate our inner world.

The inward-oriented attention that navigates the subtle fields of a person’s hologram of thoughts, memories, imagination and feelings, is steered by the intuitional guidance system that emanates from the core of their being — which is called the energetic heart. And, an individual’s energetic heart is not an island unto itself, but is a tuning fork that shares the same vibrating fields of electromagnetic energy with other like-hearted and like-minded beings all around the world.

The common, everyday, internal imagery, the feelings, memories and dreams that we see and interact with inside ourselves, are packets of communication flowing on the SCN. Our ego may say that the thoughts and feelings that we see inside ourselves are our exclusive property, but they are not. Our most private thoughts easily leap the internal boundaries that some people imagine, instantly racing into the quantum field where they are reflected others who hold a similar frequency and mind-style.

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Connect through the feeling heart ... the feminine nature that is present in all beings

Conscious, live interaction with others on the SCN, cannot be maintained and evolved to arrive at benevolent ends through a mind-dominated awareness. Our spiritually-oriented evolution and the destiny of humankind beckons us to the beautiful tones of the enlightened realms of unity and wonder that radiate from the quiet center of the vibrating heart we share.
  “Now, at the dawn
of the twenty-first century, the Goddess rises up to resurrect the deadened soul of modern consciousness.”

Enchanted Love

by Marianne Williamson

The feminine-psychic-heartfelt-nature lives in all beings. To consciously connect to the SCN (and to maintain and encourage that connection), the logical, outward-oriented, male-dominated mind cannot be in the driver’s seat and have exclusive control of the inner holographic show. Rather, it is the benevolent female principle inside your Self that unifies the subtle energies and establishes the psycho-coherence needed for conscious awareness of SCN interactions.

The feminine principle is universally recognized as a gateway ... an inward-opening portal to the birthing chamber of life. Through it we connect with our deepest Self (or you may call it the Higher Self, the Whole Self or the soul) and we empathize, mirror, and connect with others, and for others, as well. The male principle is outward ... the female principle is inward. The feminine nature is the portal from the outer world to the inner.

The role of our feminine nature in regards to conscious SCN connection is more significant than just its inward orientation, for the telepathic network of the species is consciously accessed by beings — any beings, be they male or female — who are fluent channelers of their feminine nature. The feminine nature is the part of ourselves that is benevolent, nurturing, inclusive, wholistic, empathetic, sensitive and intuitive.

We are connected to others around the globe — most significantly to beings in our Resonant Family — through common fields of vibrations. Embedded in our vibrations are holographic packets of images, movies, memories, feelings and much more. Differences in age, country, and language are no barrier to beings sharing info on the SCN, as the network uses the Intelligent Soul Language to instantly translate holographic content into ideas, words, pictures and feelings that makes sense to each individual’s current understanding.

Individual & group connection upgrades

Until now, the only beings in physical form to consciously connect and function on the SCN have been spiritual adepts, psychics, ultra-sensitive people like nursing mothers, and of course, young children. We would all be consciously connected if it were not for the closing-off effects of the ego, the energetic patterns of chaos that cloud our natural awareness, and the social pressures to conform to modern cultures that have taken us far away from our native psychic aliveness. These elements have kept our identity and here-and-now-presence imprisoned in an hypnotic trance that has blocked our awareness of the SCN and its operations.

Again: ego, energetic chaos, and the pressures to conform to the social status-quo, hide our understanding of the fundamental unity of our species and the array of beings that each of us are intimately connected to. But times are changing and a new evolutionary energy is dawning. It brings what use to be the abilities of a few and the very young, to people who have quietly aligned their energies to the deep, mysterious and beautiful patterns of universal energetic harmony. Developing a resonance of authentic appreciation for the unity that underlies all, allows the multi-dimensional universe to be discovered in the landscapes of one’s inner existence.

Conscious group psycho-coherence is our certain future as we shift to more harmonious personal realities. Emotionally positive, harmonious inner realities are incubators for the frequencies that literally carry a future, sustainable, new type of life for our species. The increase of conscious communications on the Soul Connection Network will one day be common as first-hand experiences will be shared by many, often simultaneously in linear time ... which will surely be fascinating, mysterious and enjoyable. Communicating in this way will activate higher understanding of the synchronicity of life and open doorways to new frontiers that reside in the native wholeness and unity of our species.

Metaphorically speaking: some people currently have a broadband connection to the SCN, others a dial-up. But many people are now inclined to drop their ego and the fascination with realms of chaos that they have been aligned to. They are interested in allowing an upgrade to the high-speed, always on, broadband pipelines of the SCN. If you are not consciously sensing the Soul Connection Network now, you are invited to simply relax and let the awareness of it arise on its own. It is here, it is real, and you will be much more fully connected to it, and to each other, in the future.

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Examples of SCN Communications to help clarify the limitless range of interactions and synchronistic features

To get a better idea of the Soul Connection Network ... envision the external world of the global communications system that we have today: People everywhere are connected through a seemingly infinite web of computers, phones, internets, emails, data streams and text messages. We are constantly and instantly sharing ideas, feelings, dreams, news, movies, music, and galleries of images across the global network. You are connecting with people you know and don’t know. With your imagination, form a picture of all this vast complex system of hardware: the computers, cables, satellites, phones, modems and monitors that carry the infinite variety of information connecting everyone around the globe. Now, in your imagination, in the blink of an eye, instantly remove all the hardware from this picture ... but leave all the communication in place going from person to person around the globe — images, feelings, ideas, concepts flowing effortlessly between people and groups. That, in fact, is a reflection of what is happing now and what has always happened inside ourselves on the Soul Connection Network.

For instance ... here’s a common and obvious example of the direct linkages and functioning of the SCN: All of us have had experiences in which we are thinking about a person (the thought is experienced inside ourselves — in our Personal Inner Hologram — and we often see an image of the person appear in our mind), and then the phone rings, and the person that was flashing through our minds is now on the phone. That’s merely an outer confirmation for a subtle world of connection and communication that's going on behind the scenes, inside ourselves.

Imagine that this sort of thing is happening all the time and in extremely subtle ways. Because its so subtle, our constant communication has been well hidden and we’ve only noticed the external results of our telepathic interactions on rare occasions. But certainly, it has been going on all along and this is actually the primary way that we communicate with each other. Telepathic communication has always happened behind the scenes on levels that have been subconscious ... until now.

Another example: you may of noticed through emails and chat rooms that you and others are on the same wave lengths and are having the same thoughts and feelings, often simultaneously. Through our global technological connections, we are now simply confirming that we are thinking and feeling the same things at the same time with other people, but let there be no doubt that the thoughts and feelings were first shared invisibly between you, inside yourselves on the SCN.

As stated before: we’ve always been connected. Some have known this all along, others are now waking up to it. We are talking, connecting, sharing, collaborating, and living together through a rich inner world of energy, telepathy, shared feelings and thoughts. Since ancient times, tribal clans have used the SCN with greater awareness, but now that same native awareness of the soul’s communication network is dawning in us. Increasing our conscious connection to the SCN is the goal, as our natural evolutionary trend is the expansion of consciousness, and to create personal and group realities that express wholeness, wisdom, benevolence and unity.

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Human spiritual evolution unfolds through the SCN

You evolve inwards, ever in the direction of my creator soul.
— My Central Revelation, First Source Transmission, The Wingmakers

Humanity is on an evolutionary path of transforming the current material-orientation of the human family into the energetic-heart-awareness of the sovereign soul, the collective, and First Source (Prime Creator).

The increase of conscious communication on the Soul Connection Network reflects our spiritual evolution: At first, we thought we were alone and isolated individuals. Then we realize that this is not true ... behind the scenes we have always been connected to others, and in fact we are in constant communication with our Resonant Families. What was subconscious communication becomes increasingly conscious, and we start working together on the SCN with more generous, mobile and creative rings of Resonant Families. We work on real projects that have real impact in society and upon the physical world. More conscious communication on the SCN illuminates our unity and wholeness. New frontiers are explored and discoveries made that were not even conceivable nor attainable when we functioned from isolated ego-based mind-styles and negatively-oriented energetic heart frequencies.

The combined effect of hundreds, then thousands, and eventually millions of people operating as unified communities on the SCN, is the “hundredth monkey” that catalyses the entire species to shift to a new harmonious reality.

The shift is so complete, it changes life as we know it: all cultures, religions, governments, educational systems, business and every personal and group relationship will be based upon the knowledge that the eternal soul is the essence and identity of the human being, and that the humankind is fundamentally connected and unified. As this understanding is assimilated, the human family gathers together the collective wisdom contained in all its experiences, and we finally become the benevolent shepherd for the planet. What appeared to be the final destination to our evolutionary journey, turns out to be a new beginning and a gateway that we enter. Stretching out to infinity before us is the spectacular, accessible, responsive, intelligent, multi-dimensional universe. The freedoms and abilities that we’ve just acquired, will now be used to explore it.

The Soul Connection Network
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