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The beautiful Gaea Star
The 8 sections in RESOURCES are here to support and enhance your journey to greater harmony, understanding and joy.

Free DownloadsSharing Center  {35 pieces of visionary art,
35 essays, a 180 book, 28 icons & more!}

“Download, keep, print & share” is the motto of this incredibly rich section where you can freely download a cornucopia of original visionary art, essays on spirituality and consciousness, the
Stories for Transformation book, audio files, icons and unique symbols.

In the News ... & More!In the News  {50+ stories}
In this section you will find the most compelling current news stories from around the world that relate to the central ideas and purposes of the Soul Connection family of websites.

GlossaryGlossary  {3 pages + access to indepth essays}
Quickly find the definition of the terms and phrases used on this site in our expanded Glossary section. An Astronomical Glossary is found here as well.

pageLook for this icon associated with a word or phrase and click it to zoom to a page that has a longer, more complete explanation.

LinksLinks  {50+ websites}
Connect to other websites and people that are related to the information and inspiration of this site. Link categories are: Frontiers of Consciousness & Culture, The New Psychology, Holographic Paradigm, Sensory Data Streams, Metaphysics, Music, Movies, Art, Natural Sciences — from Ecosystems to the Stars, Frontiers of Technology, Quantum Computation, Gardening, and The Good Life.

About Us About Us
About Teka Luttrell ... the creator of this site.

In the News ... & More!What’s New ... & More!
Here you will find announcements about the most recent additions to this site and our future plans. Please submit your recommendations and brilliant ideas, here too. And at the bottom of the page there is information about me (the creator of this website).

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Join our email list to stay informed of significant new content that is added to the site.

Contact UsContact Us

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