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The Soul Connection Network The Soul Connection Network
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Resonant Families — Quantum Communities: We are intimately connected to like-feeling and like-thinking beings in quantum communities through the Soul Connection Network

The spiritual essence that is youThe spiritual essence that is the true you, vibrates energetically with other souls.
ou and I are equally divine and spiritual. We are Creators and each of us can think and feel anything we please. We may interpret our personal reality in any way we desire, and we can customize our explorations to discover new worlds within worlds. That being said ... in truth, no being is an island for we share our experiences visibly and consciously from time to time during the day, and also invisibly and subconsciously 24–7.

Up until now, we have largely been oriented to the external world. Many of the private thoughts that play in our minds and the externalized messages that we share with others, contain ideas, beliefs and feelings of a world populated with separate, disconnected individuals. We have assimilated that picture and have believed in what we see on the surface of the physical world as obvious and true. Identifying with that perception, attracts to us the evidence, concepts and feelings that support and verify such long-held beliefs.

The belief of separateness is also the dominant beliefs of modern societies. Generally speaking, the human family on planet Earth is psycho-dynamically orientated to the external world and our thoughts, feelings and communications express and support the separations that we believe in and are oriented to.

Look inward for connection to others

However, if we can go inward with our attention — into the inner cosmos of our personal hologram where vast stillness, subtle energies, thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams exist — where our quiet center exists — and if we can get comfortable in there and not be under the influence of the force fields of ego (who proclaims “all of these thoughts and feelings are MY exclusive property and originates from ME!”) — if we can use the natural virtues of our heart to quiet the ego along with our minds, then we can begin seeing the inner environment as swirling with materials that our Resonant Family is sharing.

A Resonant Family is composed of like-thinking and like-feeling beings, who may be anywhere on the planet. The family is having very similar thoughts, feelings, dreams, discoveries and inspirations, often simultaneously. All members of the group are vibrating with the same (or very similar) electromagnetic field signatures. The energy and inner impressions do not belong to an individual, but are simply a part of the particular area of the quantum field that their group is dialed into.

Resonant Families are quantum field-based communities

We all are connected as a human family, but people in Resonant Families are dialed-into the same quantum field address and are sharing the holographic content and electromagnetic fields that are supported by the group

In the symbolic artwork below, please notice that all the beings share the same inner center. The center is the same everywhere it appears and through it all the individuals are connected to each other. They are connected via the telepathic communication network of the human species: the Soul Connection Network.

Notice how the holograms that swirl within the people are in several different colors. This is to symbolize that there are uniquely Resonating Families within the total human family.

All beings in the human family are connected and are sharing energy on a quantum level, but each person flows most frequently, clearly and easily with the subtle energies, thoughts, feelings and dreams of people who are in their current, dominant, Resonant Family.

Hence, in the artwork below, those with the symbolic blue colored holograms are in the same Resonant Family ... those with the purple colored holograms are in the same family, and so on ... but of course they are all in the human family and share the same Quiet Center of Stillness at the core of their being.

Resonate Family holograms

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Live from the heart and tune into the vitality of our unity

If we can live in the understanding that we are sharing electromagnetic fields of energy that swirl with the thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams of many — and such an attitude becomes our normal, every-day, peaceful point of view — we orient ourselves to the reality of unity and wholeness. When that happens, our thoughts, feelings and communications will express and support the Oneness of the human family and the intelligent orchestration of the Universe at large.

On the other hand, if our normal, everyday attitude and belief is that we are separate, isolated people, then we orient ourselves to the reality of separation, and our thoughts, feelings and communications will express and support the separation that we are focused upon.

Tuning into or being in a Resonant Family is not a barrier to freedom ... unless you make it so

You are a God fragment. You are free to think and feel anything you want! You don’t even have to feel as though you must follow along in the status-quo of a Resonant Family that you have been aligned to, for when you follow the call of inner freedom, you instantly channel the sovereign nature of the Soul, who is an offspring of First Source. Simultaneously, you become networked to the psychic energy currents of other beings who have a similar realization of vastness and freedom.

Hence, Resonant Family groups are not “written in stone.” They do not have impenetrable boundaries ... unless you imagine them. On a quantum level, as a sovereign being, you are free to explore any group and experience their electromagnetic fields, thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories, inspirations and points of view.

There are thousands and millions of Resonant Families that one can explore. The reason that we can explore them is because all the families are linked-up and connected to each other through the inner network of our species that spans the globe — the Soul Connection Network (aka: the SCN).

How the inner material is translated for each member within a Resonant Family

Your energies, thoughts and feelings are flowing through others, and theirs through you. As your family’s impulses arise in the Personal Inner Hologram of your heart and mind, your unique vibrational signature does a translation-thing via the Intelligent Soul Language (aka: the ISL), just so that the group’s thoughts and feelings will relate and be knowable within the scope of your current beliefs and understanding.

For example, if a person in your Resonant Family who is on the other side of the planet, only speaks Punjabi — and you speak and know English — as the verbal part of their messages telepathically arise in you, they are translated into English ... and as your messages arise in them, they are translated into their native tongue: The energy and messages are sent and received instantly and freely within your quantum community, but the ISL tweaks them for the benefit of each receiver. The ISL does this for all inner content: thoughts, words, images, feelings and dreams.

The leading edge of human spiritual evolution unfolds one person at a time, but also through vibrant Resonant Families operating on the SCN

Humanity is on an evolutionary path of transforming the current material-orientation of the human family into the energetic-heart-awareness of the sovereign soul, the collective, and First Source.

The increase of conscious communication on the Soul Connection Network reflects our spiritual evolution: At first, we thought we were alone and isolated individuals. Then we realize that this is not true ... behind the scenes we have always been connected to others, and in fact we are in constant communication with our Resonant Families. What was subconscious communication becomes increasing conscious, and we start working together on the SCN with more generous, mobile and creative rings of Resonant Families. We work on real projects that have real impact in society and upon the physical world. More conscious communication on the SCN illuminates our unity and wholeness. New frontiers are explored and discoveries made that were not even conceivable nor attainable when we functioned from isolated ego-based mind-styles and negatively-oriented energetic heart frequencies.

The Soul Connection Network
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