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Quiet Center of Stillness
Quiet Center of Stillness
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Q and A to “A meditator’s story”

Comment: “The stillness of the Universe is not so easy to find.”


If a person is sincerely looking for internal silence — now I’m talking about an earnest person who has applied an earnest effort — and they have not found it ... then they know that the part of themselves that they have been using to search for Silence, is not aligned to the Silence of the Universe.

Try something different ...

Try using
the silent part of your Self to connect with the infinite silence of the Universe. Your humble, soft and gentle personal silence is forever aligned to, and part of, the Greater Silence.

When you, dear Creator, sincerely think and feel that the stillness of the Universe “is not so easy to find” ... you may believe that you are describing a truth, but you are also sending a command into the surrounding quantum field to
make the treasure of stillness hard to find.

Remember: the Universe is always listening to you and It is constantly interacting with you. It is reflecting your thoughts and feelings into custom-made realities for you to experience. The Universe adores the Creators and so It brings evidence into your personal experience to prove to you that what you are thinking, feeling, and expecting, is real and true ... for you.

Try something different ...

Imagine that the silence of the Universe is everywhere, in everything — always! — and you have free access to it. It is so easy to access — it is mind-blowing. It is so every-present — it is unavoidable. If you were to say, think and feel this, then soon enough the Universe will be rushing in to help prove that you are right. It will help you find the silence that has been hiding in your personal reality all along.

Break the mold of what the vast majority of spiritual teachers (and perhaps parts of your own mind) are saying, believing and teaching. Try on this vision and attitude:
“The silence of the Universe is nothing that I need search for. It is here in me always. It is in my body and all of the atoms in my universe ... it is in my brain and my words ... it is in the trees and the stars ... it is in my baby, my partner, it is in the quiet water and the beautiful nights. I am the silence of the Universe and know this to my bones!”
Try that.

Don’t go anywhere to find it ... stay where you are at, right now. Look for the silence behind the sounds you are hearing. Look for it under the feelings. It is there for it is the foundation of Everything.

In every moment is the calmness of eternity. You are also in every moment and so is the silence of the Universe. Hence ... you are partners.

Holographic family

Question: “Don’t you consider this another form of meditation?”


As you read in my story, you learned that I know what classic meditation is, as I did it every day for 15+ years straight. My routine was to wake up a 3AM or earlier each day, and meditate straight through ‘til sunrise. Even today, I’m part of a small meditation group of close friends as I adore a quiet mind and the serenity of the inner cosmos, and I don’t care how they are realized ... but just that they are.

What I described in this story is a quantum leap
that leaves both the meditator and meditation behind.

Whereas classic meditation uses mental techniques and breathing rhythms to quiet the ecosystem of thoughts and feelings within, what I described involves Love as the overwhelming guidance power.

This Love attracts the thing that it loves to you, and in the process it dissolves all ideas, techniques, tips, suggestions, teachers and memories associated with meditation as you have known it. All of the things associated with meditation are allowed to exist, but they have no bearing or influence on where the energetic heart wants to go ... or how it wants to take you “there.” Once the energetic heart is in the driver’s seat, the chattering mind instantly becomes a willing assistant to this most ancient navigator ... as it becomes helpful by being silent.

What I described in this story is a new identity. In this identity, there is no need to “attempt” to quiet the mind and heart — there is no need to do anything to make it happen — as it is the foundation of who and what you know that you are. It is you ... eternally.

Hence, “going to” or “achieving” a quiet mind takes less than a second ... but even that length of time is merely a symbolic phrase for there is no time involved.

In that new identity ... freely flowing into the
realms of Creation ... is the holographic content
of the Multiverse and the understanding of your
unity with the One Soul behind it All.

The Quiet Center of Stillness:
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