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Quiet Center of Stillness
Quiet Center of Stillness
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A meditator’s story: Meditation is not a requirement to realize the serenity that lives at the center
of your Being and the heart of the Universe. All one needs is a sincere love for the stillness within.

Question: “Teka, where in the world — or in which universe — did you pick up these fabulous definitions? I don’t recall seeing them in the Wingmakers or Lyricus web sites, yet they are obviously of the same inspiration.”


I, like you, am an expression of the Multiverse. Every person is actually an infinite collection of matrices eloquently focused into this reality and many others ... simultaneously. The many versions of one’s Self are separated to have individual experiences and to create unique expressions, but they are also united in a sharing of energy, memories, wisdom and Soul.

The definitions came to me on wings of inspiration in the unfolding of the Eternal Now and I am unable to accurately describe or pin-point the sources from which they came. I imagine this work is a translation of an understanding that is native to a non-physical Tributary Zone, and this creation and the symbols used are gifts from an intelligence beyond comprehension.

The One Soul behind the event string that connects us, is incubating a most beautiful, profound, and far-reaching dream in the quietest regions of our collective heart. Emerging from the deepest silence within, that dream whispers the patterns of our future ... and the destiny of humankind.


I fell in true love with the Quiet Center of Stillness more than 20 years ago. For 10 years before that, I did classic meditation and a lot of it. But when I truly fell in love with the stillness of the Universe my spiritual history went supernova.

In a quiet explosion of love, I retired from traditional spiritual life. I literally threw out everything that I had learned previously about the spiritual path. I tossed away my knowledge about how to meditate, and my conceptions about what is true and what is not. I gave up all the habits I had acquired, the little sacred objects I had collected, all the books, the teachers, the sayings, the tips and suggestions, the rules, the promises and ideas — I got rid of them all. I started over from scratch. I started at the Beginning.

And why did I do this? I could not help myself.

I could not help myself for my love called me to Its home.

Most importantly ... I finally wanted to go.

To make the journey I had to travel Light. I could not bring anything.

And so, all that I was left with was my naked, pure attention ... and the Universe of Universes. My destination — The Quiet Center of Stillness.


Success in reaching the journey’s end seemed like an impossibility, for what power does a single focus of attention have when gazing across the infinite fields of the quantum Multiverse? But onward I went into the center of the swirling inner cosmos, leaving behind the driving storms of memory, cares and worries.

The logical mind wanted to pull me back, for once I reached peaceful inner skies it told me that nothing was there and the trip was over. But I told the mind “come with me ... lets go exploring” ... and it soon became spellbound with the mystery, following my heart in a grace of silent wonder.

With the mind now still, I was on my way ...

Floating effortlessly, I became a bit bewildered as I pondered where to go and what to do.

Then quite naturally ... out of nowhere ... a guidance system appeared. It emerged from the depths of inner chaos that love had transformed into silence, and I soon realized that it had been within me all along. Now with my Energetic Heart as the Navigator, I knew I could complete the journey to Wholeness.

I closed my eyes ... and in silence I became It.

The nothing, the silence forever.



Now I know that I am “That” ... and I am “this” ... simultaneously.

It is an ancient, expanded identity.

The “That” is the silence of silence that is nowhere ... and everywhere ... in no time ... all the time. It is uncreated ... it is the Unmanifest. It is the ultimate, unlimited Equality that is beyond and yet within, all Creation.

The “this” is our self in Creation ... which really is not a single, limited, fixated being, but a quantum Soulful being.

As this quantum being, we exist in the realms of Creation in multiple dimensions and are having many experiences. As created beings we are intimately woven into the vast delicate fabric of the infinitely beautiful and mysterious Universe.

We truly are fragments of First Source ... imbued with ITS capabilities and natural exploratory virtuosity.

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The Quiet Center of Stillness:
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