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Earth & stars
Quiet Center of Stillness
Quiet Center of Stillness
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Intro to the Quiet Center of Stillness. The infinite space within an atom, the stillness of a tree
and the emptiness between the stars, spirals at the center of all beings as well.

nside yourself — within your Personal Inner Hologram — located at the core of your being ... is a place of stillness, emptiness, and peace. You’ve known it to be there for your entire life, and perhaps you’ve largely ignored it. But now, times are changing for many of you ... You find yourself reaching out to that eternal stillness.

Quote from Mahu Nahi, the Wingmakers
Upon first interaction with this place, your “regular” everyday mind says “there’s nothing there.” Your normal, logical, outward-oriented, educated, adult mind suggests that you simply ignore it — ignore the emptiness and stillness. But, a deeper part of yourself is attracted to it, and I dare say ... it has already fallen in LOVE with the stillness. In fact, it has started to develop an intimate, personal, secret, one-on-one love affair with the stillness that exists at the very center of your being.

The power of love draws you to energetic merging and oneness with that which you love

And so, just as you would with anything you love, you cannot help but return to it, day after day, multiple times, thousands of times, year after year. You find yourself day dreaming about the thing you love, and how to get more of it. In this case, the “thing” you love and are captivated with is the vast, limitless area of stillness and emptiness, inside yourself.

Soon you start losing yourself in it ... dissolving yourself in it so to speak ... so that who you thought you were, is no longer present. Your personal history is erased. You float in the stillness for seconds, minutes — who knows how long? — you float in the timelessness that is native and natural to the inner realm of stillness.

You notice that you are nothing and have not a shred of identity when you are floating in the emptiness of your Inner Cosmos. But that, when you naturally flow back into the awareness of Creation, as you do so, you are spontaneously re-assembled into a familiar being and identity. Get it? That is called natural self-orchestration. It is always a mysterious, beautiful, magical thing.

The center of stillness inside you is the same center in me

But now — as said before — things have changed. You realize the place that you came from (the stillness and infinite emptiness) is actually the Mother-Father principle of the whole Grand Universe. Everything is flowing from it. Your personal, intimate, inner place of stillness, is actually the same emptiness that exists in the atom and between the stars. It is the birthplace of you, me, our friends, the planet, the sun, our galaxy and Everything. You realize that it has a center (which is the emptiness and stillness that we've been discussing) that is EVERYWHERE ... and a circumference which is nowhere.

From this, you grow into the understanding that the center of stillness that is inside yourself, is the same center that is inside me. It is a center of stillness that is common to everyone.

Quiet Center of Stillness ... visually illustrated

Now, imagine if you will, that the universe is expressed as individuated beings that are spread throughout its vastness, so that each being can report what it is seeing, feeling, and thinking from the segment of the universe that it is exploring. But all these beings, no matter where they are, they share a common center. And that center is also common to, and originates from, First Source. Hence, the quiet center inside yourself is the same in everyone else, and tunnels all the way back to First Source. We are connected, through and through.

Silhouettes, holograms, quiet centers
The Quiet Center of Stillness:
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