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The New Psychology
The New Psychology
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Personalities experienced by the Whole Self. The New Psychology, Positive Psychology and Holographic Psychology is explained in words, symbols and art.

VISUAL ESSAY: The Regular Guy & Whole Self
Who do you think you are? Whose thoughts and feelings are flowing through you? This essay is for meditators, students of psychology, and people on a spiritual path who have looked inside themselves and found the whole Universe quietly looking back.

We originally turned our attention to our own inner landscape, carrying with us the habits, beliefs, feelings, personal stories (and perhaps an abundance of emotional chaos) that we were use to. All of these things were braided together and helped form our main identity. Simultaneously, they also created the boundaries of our personal reality. In fact, these limitations caused us to seek transformation and expansion
within ourselves in the first place.

This essay illustrates the mysterious nature of the psyche that we are exploring. As you read and absorb it, you may realize that you are a far greater, more expanded and universal being than what you originally thought. In fact, many of you will emerge with an understanding that your true identity — your quantum presence, the Whole Self — is utterly incomprehensible to the Regular Guy.

VISUAL ESSAY: The Regular Guy & the Whole Self -- An aerial view of personalities and the Whole Self from a New Psychology perspective

VISUAL ESSAY: The Regular Guy & the Whole Self

he Regular Guy character is the individuated mind-style of the main personality that each of us think we are. Hence, one can say that the Regular Guy is Paul, Robin, Ann, Sollena, Laurel, Fern and Teka, as everyone has a Regular Guy character. For the sake of this discussion, let’s say that the Regular Guy was our psychological starting point when we began our inner spiritual journey.

Now, because we have made progress on our personal inner path, we are a bit more psychologically and emotionally expanded. We are no longer locked into the Regular Guy character and mind-style, nor have we left that character behind. We still relate to it and laugh with its jokes, but we’re no longer under its mind-emotion-energy spell.

Let’s say that this dot is visually symbolic of the Regular Guy character:

The Regular Guy

It is a dot that comprises all that the Regular Guy thinks he is: all of his beliefs, thoughts, limitations, feelings, addictions and energy. Everything that the Regular Guy identifies himself to be, is focused on supporting its reality, as it lives in the limitations of his own self-created realm. It has the feeling that if its identity or the personal reality that it has made for itself to live in … if they should fade or be interrupted, that it (the Regular Guy) may cease to exist. Good grief!

The Regular Guy wants you to believe that the reason he’s in the driver’s seat is because his mind-style, points of view and the way he feels is his true identity! But actually, the scale of his illusion is like saying an eagle is an ant. The reason he gets away with it for so long is by staying well behind the protective force field of ego. The force field of his ego does its best to keep external feelings, dreams, ideas, and “other” characters out of his own little world. The Regular Guy’s whole existence is this single dot of character, and the world of personal reality that it has created for itself to live in.

Actually, the Regular Guy is just a speck in its Whole Self, which may be portrayed like this:

First idea of the Whole Self and the Regular Guy in it

The proportions seem crazy, but it’s actually realistically symbolic of how small the mind and scope of the Regular Guy is, as compared to who we really are — our natural true self — the Whole Self.

So what I have become, and you and others who have been touched and expanded by our spiritual journey, is this larger self: the bigger, more incredible, spacious circle of our true nature and Whole Self. It is utterly free and unlimited — and the Regular Guy character is living in it.

Now, once we get comfortable in being our larger, natural, expanded Self, we realize that we are not limited to or fascinated by who we thought we were. The Regular Guy is just a character who has a certain style of thinking, feeling, perceiving and responding to reality. We can turn him off and on, channeling him whenever we please. We use his character freely as we respond to the unfolding events of our life.

In fact, from our new expanded point of view, we can see that we have actually portrayed other characters in our life. Think about it: we’ve flowed with the mind and feelings of a child at our many stages of development … we’ve flowed with the mind, feelings and points of view of our parents, our teachers, authority figures, people that we have admired and hated — one after the other … and also, we have mixed, matched, and brought expression to their thoughts and feelings spontaneously without thinking about it [read about mirror neurons]. We’ve touched on hundreds of them — at least for a few moments — even though our dominant identity was the Regular Guy (before following the inner spiritual path).

Hence, seeing and relating to all the characters in our Whole Self might be represented like this:

Certain characters are vibrationally related to each other ... they are in the same Resonant Family.

All the different dots in the graphic above are different characters or mind styles that we have test driven or have allowed to flow through our awareness. They are all within who we truly are, the Whole Self. But the Regular Guy character thinks that most of the other characters (each who has its own mind-style and beliefs) are a bunch of bull, as the Regular Guy thinks that its reality is the best and only way to go. The force field of the Regular Guy’s ego forms a boundary that is highly successful in shutting down our child-like ability and skill to play with the other mind-styles, thoughts and feelings in our Whole Self. The native mind of the Whole Self is the mind of all, aka: the Universal Mind.

Once we are very comfortable with the feelings of the expansive here-and-now presence of the Whole Self, and we enjoy grooving in the atmospheric, unattached, silent, free, eternal Now reality (this is the soul’s innate conscious nature), then we can see ALL the characters in our greater Being.

Again, our first sight of the many characters and mind-styles comprising our Whole Self is symbolized in the previous graphic. The Regular Guy is a single dot in the group, and is in a cluster of other dots like him. We can see that the different characters have formed small groupings, symbolizing like-minded, and like-feeling characters in our Whole Self. They are energetically associated and attracted to each other, as they have similar points of view and look at life through the same-colored lenses. And there are threads of characters that link the different groups. It is like a network in the greater Universal Mind of the Whole Self, connecting the mind-styles, feelings, and unique vibrations that identify each of the characters and their groups. The characters in the Whole Self are not only the mind-styles and points of view that we’ve flowed with in this life-time, but they are also the memories and personalities from past incarnations as well. Hence, there are actually hundreds and thousands of characters in our own personal Universal Mind.

Now, the evolutionary track is to eventually realize that you are not so much any of the characters, but are actually a soul — a conscious life force who is spacious and vast ... indeed, you are an eternal God fragment. You (the soul) are activating each and all of the characters throughout all of your existences.

As the life force flows with your attention in the vast field of the Universal Mind, it connects to a character and brings it to life! But now, with our current realizations in the areas of psychology, physics and Oneness, you will find that you are no longer imprisoned by the beliefs, thoughts and mind style of any character. In fact, you can withdraw your attention from a character and focus your attention on another character, and the personality of that character will spring to life with its own mind, feelings, memories and point of view. The new character’s personal reality comes into play, and flows through your here-and-now awareness. You live and become that character and engage with its reality for a moment.

Once you realize that this is what you have been doing all along (but the ego has tried to keep you away from this realization so that its identity could dominate and survive to be king for another day), you are no longer overly-attached to any single character, his mental chatter, his memories of the past and future or his brilliant points of view. Nor are you contained within the ego force fields protecting the characters and their isolated worlds of limitation and personal reality, as you’ve recognized that you are the soul who is enfolded in and activating all the fragments of your existence.

With this knowledge, it seems like a spontaneous movement happens — the chaotic arrangement and flow of the many characters start to become orchestrated — they start cooperating on their own without your effort. After all, you are a God particle, and the more you realize it, the more the self-orchestrating mechanism becomes activated and functional. It is a natural thing that happens on its own. Hence, your Whole Self starts to look like this, symbolically speaking:

Characters becoming orchestrated

All the fragments of your Whole Self start coming together on their own, self-orchestrating into a more harmonious, less divided, and less chaotic patterns. This new realization of the Whole Self is certainly easier and more enjoyable for you to live with and experience, as you are free and more accepting of your diverse, colorful nature and the many mind-styles, feelings and points of view that you are able to flow with. There is a deep, seemingly lasting joy as your true, expanded nature becomes activated. It’s as if the joy is intimately woven into the tapestry of the Whole Self’s very nature.
Eventually, you realize that what is inside is also reflected in the so-called “outside world.” The characters on the inside are actually talking to and connecting with people of similar frequency and feelings in the outer world, and all this has been happening in your inner landscape. Somehow, your Whole Self is both an individual and also ALL the characters. You feel intimately connected to the entire species and you see and know yourself to be the Whole Crazy Divine Enchilada. With this realization, your Inner World becomes this:

The Whole Self

Finally, you fall down on the ground laughing your butt off! Your belly laughs are so loud and sincere that they go all the way to God and back. She is laughing too — with you and through you! You see your true nature in all its unity, mystery and wholeness. It’s truly a marvelous joke, a most incredible journey, and the greatest story ever told ... as you realize that before you started on the spiritual path, you thought of yourself to be this:

The Regular Guy


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