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We interact with the outside world from inside ourselves.
The "outside" is experienced in your Inner Hologram


ou may have noticed that in most of my artwork in which a human shape is seen, inside the physical form — usually in the heart area of the figure — is a luminous spiral, a radiant central star, or even whole worlds. WITHIN the physical form, I also place natural environments, star-filled expanses of space, and even other beings ... all woven together in mysterious inner collages. This is to symbolically say that there really are whole worlds, other dimensions and multitudes of characters that live, move and are accessed and experienced — INSIDE your Self. Of course, to experience them you may have to be “out of your mind” (your normal way of thinking and perceiving) and you’ll have to give traditional beliefs a rest, but these inner worlds really do exist. The portal to seeing them and flowing with the awareness of other dimensions is inside yourself.

When I present images, as the one above, of people who have environments in them that are obviously from our real, 3D physical world — I mean just that. I'm saying that we interact with the outside world from inside ourselves. Let me explain ...

Light and energy from the outside world is reflected inside yourself ... and that is where you are experiencing the world

It is interesting to realize that when we look at anything in the world — like a mature oak tree in a meadow, for instance — we certainly see and know that it exists “out there. But what has really happened is that light was first reflected off the tree and it traveled to the surface of our eyes. The light that we are looking at is not on the tree out there,” but the image of the tree is carried within the light and that miniscule packet of light (with the image of the whole tree in it) is now sitting on the surface of our eyes. The light is then reflected back into our brains, of course. Hence, when we look at the tree and appreciate its lovely shape, leaves, strong branches and shade, we’re actually looking at a picture of it inside ourselves, on the luminous screen of our brain.

Personal Inner Hologram iconThat’s just common science ... and common sense. It certainly is a great mystery, but you can figure it out logically, and I imagine you can agree with what I just said.

OK, now seriously consider that the same is true for EVERYTHING that we’ve ever seen and interacted with in the so-called “external” world. For our entire lives, we’ve actually been seeing and interacting with the images that are appearing and disappearing in our brains. It’s like you are a miniaturized version of God. In this context, you easily hold the entire universe in your mind and heart. And I say: you are ... as that is what is actually happening.

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Our normal method of operation is by interacting with inner holographic reality

The ordinary, moment-by-moment actuality of seeing and moving amongst the inner material, is truly like interacting with a hologram, as the material we are intimately involved with is made of light, sound, feelings, and atmospheric shapes that appear, morph and disappear in the twinkle of an eye. The inner hologram is such an accurate reflection and so perfectly made, that we’ve thought all along that the whole universe has always been “out there” and separate from us. But, we've never seen it or interacted with it on the outside — we’ve only seen, touched, tasted and pondered the universe from inside ourselves. In fact, when we think that it is outside, that is only a thought. The actuality of it is that all of your experiences throughout your life, have been engaged with by you, in the landscape of your Inner World ... in the holographic, luminous, atmospheric environment of your mind and heart.

A virtual, expanding, ever-changing, kaleidoscopic reflection of the whole universe is inside you, and that is what you've been working with, playing with, loving, hating and being bored with ... all along.

With the realization that everything in the universe is experienced inside yourself, comes the innate understanding that you are not alone. You are not separate from others. You are not separate from the universe. Everything in the universe is actually experienced from inside your Self, and you and It are intimately interwoven together in the fabric of Life.

“Other” people are really just different parts of your greater Self, as they live in your hologram, and you in theirs. You are so intimately connected with others and the whole universe, words can only faintly echo the closeness of the relationship.

Within the Beholder

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The Personal Inner Hologram is a window to the universe, that can easily hold a reflection of the entire physical dimension, including all planets, stars and galaxies

The point I just made above — that the whole universe is seen, felt, and interacted with INSIDE YOURSELF — is abundantly clear to astronomers. The average person may think that when we set up a telescope and peer through its lens, that we are looking at stars and planets way, way out in space that are greatly separated from us. I don’t disagree with the understanding that these objects are way “out there” — but I also realize that there are additional facets to the whole picture.

Every astronomer and scientist knows that the telescope does not reach out into space to collect the light of stars and spiraling galaxies. The telescope sits still, and the light of stars travels all the way to us and falls upon the open lens of the telescope. But, the light of the distant stars does not stay on the lens as it is bounced back through additional lenses and mirrors until it finally passes through the last little eye-piece that the star gazer is looking into. That light is then projected up through the viewer's eye and back into her brain, which is the real place that the galaxies are seen, pondered, and appreciated. Hence, even the so-called external, physical cosmos, with its trillions of stars and galaxies — ALL of it can only be seen from WITHIN — in the inner holographic theater of the Observer.

How personal reality is created from the inside-out through the routine functioning of the Personal Inner Hologram

Let’s say that you need to go food shopping and so you start by making a list. The way the list comes into being is that you first see pictures of each food item arise inside yourself, or you may hear their names in a sentence bubble up from the vacuum space of the quantum field: “I need corn, potatoes and lettuce.” Without thinking about it, you translate what you are sensing inside yourself ... you bring it out into the physical world by writing “corn, potatoes, lettuce” on the piece of paper that is your shopping list. Now, the shopping list has appeared outside of your inner landscape, but you now know that the light reflected off the list is actually traveling back through your eyes and into your Inner World, and you are really viewing the list in there.

Soon you find yourself standing in the vegetable area of your local store. There you watch yourself actually reaching out for corn, potatoes and lettuce ... picking them up and bringing them as real 3D objects, into your personal reality. I still say that though we know that the vegetables you're purchasing exist “out there” ... still, you’re actually experiencing them from inside yourself. From the Personal Inner Hologram point of view, the entire scenario is an inside job. And certainly, creating that reality proceeded from the inside-out ... but still, it is good to realize that the main home for all experiences is INSIDE yourself.

Explorers of the multiverse

The Personal Inner Hologram is also the environment of dreams, astral travel and remote viewing. Though it may appear that one is exploring distant places separate from the body, and indeed you can say that these places are visited in “out of body” experiences — as a functional center of consciousness does appear to leave the body and travel to anywhere she pleases — but still, I say that the starting and ending points of the journey, the platform, the landscape that one explores, and the theater that such experiences and observations take place are all in the Personal Inner Hologram. We are actually exploring the vast realms of our own Personal Inner Hologram in which a reflection of the multidimensional universe resides.

Each and every person’s hologram is intimately linked to all dimensions, all places, all beings, all times, and all dreams that compose the great mystery of the entire Grand Universe.

The Personal Inner Hologram
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