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VISUAL ESSAY: The routine functioning of the Personal Inner Hologram

VISUAL ESSAY: The Routine Functioning of the Personal Inner Hologram
he seven images that follow tell a story that visually illustrates the normal ebb and flow of thoughts, feelings and associative memories that appear and disappear in the inner theater of the Personal Inner Hologram. Imagine these thoughts to take place spontaneously within the story’s central character as part of her normal thinking and feeling. She is the observer and principle creator of her personal reality and is constantly customizing and assisting in its design. The whole series of thoughts depicted in the pages that follow occurs effortlessly inside herself in just a few seconds of time.

The radiant star in her personal hologram is symbolic for the Quiet Center of Stillness, Emptiness and Peace that is native to all inner worlds. The center of stillness in her is the same exact center of stillness in you, me, and everyone. It is a center that is everywhere but its circumference is nowhere for this is a center that is based in the universal quantum field. Through it, the energy and intelligence of Source flows to and supports all of Creation. We are linked to each other through the center of stillness that we share ... and each of our personal holograms unfold from it.

Inner hologram contents, image 1

In the image above, we start with the woman enjoying the water and beach environment at sunrise. She has nothing on her mind at this moment and so her inner hologram is not illuminating anything. For the moment, she is psychically floating in free space.

Inner hologram contents, image 2

But now, as we draw closer, you can see that she is starting to think of her grandmother who passed away some time ago ... but there is her grandmother now, alive and well (energetically speaking) in the woman’s Personal Inner Hologram.

Inner hologram contents, image 3

In the next second, the woman begins seeing a vista of Yosemite inside herself, as her grandmother loved the Sierras and just thinking and feeling of her brings along visions of mountainous splendor.

Inner hologram contents, image 4

A half a second later, like the woman herself, we are totally inside her hologram and engaged with its luminous content. Her dominant center of awareness is completely immersed in her Inner World. She is exclusively focused on the imagery being presented in her hologram and the so-called “external” world of the ocean environment is not consciously present. You can say that the ocean environment is now behind the dominant landscape that she is interacting with and experiencing ... which is within her.

Inner hologram contents, image 5

The woman in our story is beginning to plan a trip to the high mountains and so without trying, she effortlessly pulls the image of the beautiful mountains into the forefront of her hologram. It has grown in size, meaning and feeling ... as compared to just a few seconds ago. Meanwhile, the vision of grandma is disappearing back into the invisible storage banks of the universal quantum field.

From this inward-oriented vantage point, we now see that the world of the ocean environment is starting to come back into her awareness. A sliver of ocean-awareness has appeared on the right side of her inner vision. In the dynamic world of her personal hologram, the ocean is made of holographic material, too ... it is made of the same stuff as the vision of the mountains and the vision of her grandmother.

Inner hologram contents, image 6

In the next second as we pull further back, you can see that the woman has begun to dial her attention back into the physical surroundings and the ocean is starting to flow more and more into her awareness. Now the sight, feelings and associative memories of the trees and mountains begin to fade.

Inner hologram contents, image 7

Finally, her attention swings back to the present physical reality of the ocean. She is completely engaged with its sights, sounds, smells and feelings as the ocean saturates her senses and fills her inner hologram. For this moment, she is immersed in the ocean’s marvelous presence, as she gives all of her attention to it.

The next essay in this section explains how the entire, so-called “external” physical universe, is experienced from inside yourself, as luminous content that appears in your Personal Inner Hologram. Hence, you’re actually experiencing the outside world from inside yourself. Please read on ...

The Personal Inner Hologram
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