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Permissions for Use, Trademark, Copyright and Ownership regarding the visionary art, symbols, essays, audio files, videos, mystic poetry and multimedia presentations created by Teka Luttrell
eople are more than welcome to use my artwork, symbols, mystic poetry, mp3, videos sand essays for their own personal not-for-profit purposes. They may download them into their computers, pass them along to friends via email, print them, and give them as gifts, when used for personal, benevolent, not-for-profit expressions.

People are free to place my artwork and essays on their websites, blogs, forums, in their videos and use my artwork for their avatars, as well — only when it is done with positive, peaceful intentions and for noble, loving, not-for-profit purposes.

When my creations are shared on the web or through any medium, please add a simple credit and link similar to this:

Artwork by The Soul Connection Network.

Even with the world-wide distribution of my creations, I always retain full and complete ownership rights over all my works of art, symbols, books, stories, videos, essays, Flash files, mystic poetry, multimedia presentations, web sites, web pages, audio files and energy transformation programs when and wherever they appear in all mediums.

I have full and complete rights of ownership regarding the use of all of my creations in all profit-making products, projects and with profit-making entities. For instance: without my direct and clear ongoing, uninterrupted approval, a for-profit company, group, person or project does not have the right to use, place or sell my artwork or parts of my artwork, or imprint my artwork or parts of my artwork, on their products or services. Nor do profit-making entities have the right to use my artwork in their advertisements, promotions or as symbols of identification, without my personal, direct, clear, ongoing permission.

I also retain ownership control over all of my creations in the sense that when websites, products, groups, companies, projects or individuals use my creations with materials and messages that I deem to be disrespectful and not oriented as being helpful to the upliftment of humankind — they do not have my permission to use my creations in any way, shape or form, and they need to remove my creations from their assets, promotions, servers and all digital storage devices immediately.

Please contact me with questions, comments, opportunities, if you seek permission for use of my artwork and essays, or if you would like greater clarification.

In peace,

Family of Light
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