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The New Psychology
The New Psychology
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Introduction to the New Psychology: realizing psychic harmony and creating personal reality through holographic consciousness. The science and art of holographic psychology is defined and explored.

new psychology is dawning. It has a different orientation and perspective than what we have thought psychology to be. Whereas the “old psychology” popularized mental and emotional problems and how to fix them, the New Psychology popularizes harmony, self-orchestration, the freedom of expression, and the deepest currents of human resilience and emotional strength.

The New Psychology visualizes and supports the natural energetic orchestration of thoughts, feelings, dreams and stillness, into a symphony of wholeness, harmony and beauty. The normal chaos that defines the inner reality of the modern human is gradually replaced by the original harmony that lives at the core of life and the heart of the Universe.

The New Psychology is not the exclusive property of experts, doctors, holy people, therapist or those with special certificates and degrees. It reflects the collective psyche, the intuitive knowledge of Self and the cosmos. It blends the understanding of beings of all ages, cultures, sexes, races and religions. It is the psychology of being human. It belongs to and reflects the average person, the not-so-average person ... and everyone in between.

The supreme essence of a human being resides in infinity

The New Psychology has as a central principle, the understanding that an individual's supreme essence and ultimate identity is the infinite. A person is not just what she thinks she is now, today — for she is even more than all that she has ever been. She is a quantum, unlimited, spiritual being who is having all of the experiences in this life and in others, and in many dimensions, simultaneously.

The mind that we use to perceive and ponder our experiences, is the storehouse for every thought, feeling, dream, memory and personality — both real and imagined — that we have ever had.

Infinity in its wholeness, is utterly incomprehensible by the human mind and escapes accurate definition through words. The same is true for every person, as their essence rests in the mysterious realms of the infinite. Infinity can be and is translated into countless expressions. An individual, from all points of view, is a colorful ever-morphing expression of the infinite.

Wholeness & holographic inner reality

In the New Psychology, the entire inner reality of a being — the collage of feelings, thoughts, memories, dreams, imagination, energies, and how they intertwine and dance — are seen as unified and whole. They form a dynamic, living, ever-changing inner ecosystem.

The wholeness of the inner reality is perceived as holographic in its nature. “Holographic” implies that the inner reality is atmospheric, ever-changing, and is intimately connected to the larger picture of the person, humankind and the Universe. In other words:
the whole is reflected in every part.

For the purpose of discussion, things can be usefully distinguished from one another ... but they cannot be separated from each other, in actuality.

Holographic psychology recognizes that we are part of the unlimited potential of the whole. An individual is a unique offspring of universal, holographic wholeness.

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Quantum Presence and the Whole Self

A being in her totality — which extends from absolute infinity to all of her expressions in the physical world — is known as the Whole Self. The Whole Self is the entity who experiences the totality of every personality and every experience that she has ever had — both real and imagined — in this life and in all incarnations.

The Whole Self is experienced as an eloquent, singular, quantum presence. A being’s presence is rooted in infinity. Within the magical matrix of presence flows consciousness and life, itself.

Presence is felt and experienced as a living, spiritual atmosphere in the here and now
. Its nature is mysterious and often perceived as light as a feather. Presence is deep, beautiful and silent. Upon close examination, a being’s presence is felt and appreciated as deliciously serene, incomprehensible and infinite. In your very own presence, here and now, is the very same stillness that exists within an atom, in an ancient tree ... and between the stars.

Your quantum presence — right now — is the same presence that you had as a baby, a child, a teen, and so on. Your body, mind, and personality certainly have changed, but your presence has remained the same. It has quietly absorbed all of your experiences, both real and imagined ... in this lifetime as well as all others.

The quantum presence of a human being is always in this moment — the eternal moment of Now. All thoughts and memories, even those of the past and future, are experienced within a being’s presence — which lives in the here and now.

The Whole Self’s extraordinary natural, instinctive, intuitive abilities to self-orchestrate, self-balance, and self-heal are greatly appreciated and highlighted in the New Psychology.


he Whole Self creates, customizes and experiences reality, through a collage of feelings, thoughts, memories and unique perceptions that make up a personality.

All personalities live within the individual as well as the group mind of the species, and they are effortlessly accessed through our normal thinking, feeling and dreaming. This access is quantum-field-based through the telepathic communication system of the human species that is called the Soul Connection Network. The SCN lives and functions within every person and is part of our normal psychic make-up.

The library of possible personalities is vast. During an average person’s physical life time, she will identify with and express several, if not dozens of primary personalities. She also test drives thousands of minor ones. Many of these personalities are not vital on-going parts of her dominant identity, but simply are personalities that she vibrationally dials into for brief periods of time. She does this so that she can mirror them in her own mind, to feel their feelings and to experience their points of view.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are specialized brain cells that spontaneously create a brain-to-brain link between people. This means that our brain waves, its chemistry, and our feelings, can literally be mirroring those of people who we are communicating with, reading stories about, watching on television, or simply thinking about. This is perfectly natural and has been happening all along. It allows us to instantly empathize with others and to know what they are feeling and experiencing.

Mirror neurons, act like the brain’s WiFi communication system and allows the sharing of the emotional flow, movement and intentions from person to person. Through the WiFi connection, there is a brain to brain link, and a replication of feelings and thoughts between people. Emotional closeness further allows the energetic mental states of people to be shared and absorbed.

Mirror neurons play a key role in the creation of personal and group realities, as through them we have the innate ability to reflect and assimilate the desirable thoughts, feelings and inspiration of others.

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Energetic Tools

The tools of the New Psychology are safe, gentle, simple, relatively easy to use — and most are absolutely free. Many are made by a participant’s own imagination. They are used to help focus one’s attention and energies, to nourish and expand beneficial thoughts, beliefs, feelings and potentials.

The non-physical energetic tools made with the imagination are designed, created and customized by the individual who uses them. They are placed into activity by herself, within the inner worlds of her own mind and heart. These highly dynamic tools can be used for self-exploration and to enhance and clarify inner realities. They also are useful to stimulate her own natural self-orchestration, self-balancing and self-healing abilities.

Tools of the new psychology can also involve physical movement of the body, engaging with text-based energetic packages (this website’s Stories for Transformation project is an excellent example), and listening to and/or creating music and art. All such tools are designed to catalyze inner transformations, and to help the reader shift to more harmonious, healthy and satisfying states of being.

Psycho-Coherence Flower of Life

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