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Twin Flames

Fire the Grid
The Teaching of Little Crow
The Teaching of Little CrowThe Teaching of Little Crow
The Journey of the Soul
by Angelina Heart

Teka's 5-Star Rating

The Teaching of Little Crow is both a heart and spirit-engaging story about the soul’s journey as it seeks union with both God and its Twin Flame. Woven within this romantic tale are sacred teachings that not only answer these proactive questions, but also provide spiritual insight and instruction that YOU can apply as you seek to raise your own consciousness.

This profoundly meaningful and beautiful creation is available as a printed book, as a set of 16 CDs, and as a direct mp3 download.


Angelina Heart
WINNER: National Indie Excellence Awards 2007, Audio/Romance.

WINNER: Best Books 2006 Book Awards for Romance/Audio “A fantastic full-cast audio presentation!” —

FINALIST: 2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards, Adult Fiction/Audio.

FINALIST: Foreword Magazine’s 2006 Book of the Year, Romance/Audio.

FINALIST: Hollywood Book Festival 2006, Awards for Romance/Audio.

FINALIST: Coalition of Visionary Resources, 2005 Book of the Year Award for Visionary Fiction.

Uniting Twin Flames
Uniting Twin Flames

Do you seek to connect with your true SoulMate, your Twin Flame, the person who is the true reflection of the God-created other half of your being? Are you willing to open your heart with God’s assistance? This site was created under God’s direction to awaken SoulMate Love here on Earth so that every being may experience true Love and ecstasy.

Circle of Light
Circle of Light
And the Messages from God

“We are here to bring you Messages received through mystic and visionary Yael Powell’s beautiful communion with God, Messages calling to humanity to open our hearts to Spirit. The most important and most repeated Message is how passionately, how deeply God knows and loves every one of us. We are God’s children, the cells of God’s heart. As we open our hearts to God, we also open our hearts to our Twin Flame or SoulMate with whom we were created.

“Each of us is always in relationship through our hearts with our Twin Flame or SoulMate, just as we are with God. Twin Flames are the forces of Creation, the two strands of the cosmic DNA from which life and Love comes forth. God is calling us to open our hearts to our Twin Flame in service to the return of Love and only Love to this world. God is asking us to turn back to God and say a deep ‘Yes’ to Love.”

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