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OAEC North Garden
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

The OAEC is a nonprofit organizing
and education center and organic farm
in Northern California’s Sonoma County.
Founded in 1994 by a group of biologists,
horticulturists, educators, activists, and artists seeking innovative and practical approaches to the pressing environmental and economic crises of our day. Much of the Center’s work addresses the challenges of creating democratic communities that are ecologically, economically and culturally sustainable in an increasingly privatized and corporatized economy and culture. OAEC’s programs combine research, demonstration, education, and organizing to develop collaborative, community-based strategies for positive social change and effective environmental stewardship.

Cedar > Celtic Gardens
Cedar > Celtic Gardens

Cedar is a networker and catalyst for the expression of the Higher Self. As a supporter of a New Earth paradigm, Cedar is a facilitator who invites people to move deeper into the mysterious, beautiful, creative and ever-expanding reality of the Eternal Soul. For over a decade she owned a metaphysical bookshop, promotions and publishing business that was a center for the expansion of personal development and spiritual growth. Now this website continues the work of providing signposts towards the evolution of Self into planetary and cosmic citizenship.

Integrated Martial Arts Academy
Integrated Martial Arts Academy

The academy is inspired by the strong virtues and energy dynamics that are held within the martial arts and is founded upon the life principles of dedication, self-development and personal growth. A martial artist will continually seek to become energized and uplifted by the good energy that flows through his or her body. This energy, called “chi,” can be accessed and cultivated inside us. Once familiar with it, a deeper sense of inner balance and harmony is attained. The development of chi is can actualize a deeper feeling of spiritual calm and greater appreciation for the meaningful things in life. This is the way of a peaceful warrior ... a being of courage who follows their heart and reaches for their dreams. Such a person always strives for a peaceful and humane resolution when faced with conflict, but stands firm in their highest beliefs.

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