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Links: Sensory Data Streams

These websites are composed of multimedia
content designed to catalyze and accelerate
the development of soul-oriented awareness.

The Wingmakers
The Wingmakers

The Wingmakers are a step on humanity’s path to the 21st Century breakthrough known a the Grand Portal — the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul.

The Wingmakers materials are catalysts for the expansion of the evolutionary consciousness, a fragment of which is inside each of us. The materials consist of over a thousand pages of thought-provoking content, exotic music, hundreds of paintings and original artwork, animations, poetry, and transmissions of profound insight. It is certain to expand the mind and heart of any who reads, listens and views this inspiring collection.

The Wingmakers are brought to the public by an anonymous source known simply as James. They are as much a spiritual revelation as a mind-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity.

Watch an intro movie about the Wingmakers in our Videos section. Visit the Wingmakers page in our Free Downloads section where over 20 of their main documents are found.

Event Temples EventTemples
By the creator of the Wingmakers’ materials

The purpose of the Event Temples website is to demonstrate that people are able to connect on an energetic, non-physical level as a coherent, functional, quantum community. Then, through synchronized sessions in which several members come together online in real time and simultaneously focus their attention, they are able to transmit certain qualities of the group’s collective electromagnetic field to target events and its people around the world. The targets are groups of people who are suffering and in need of energetic support just as much as they require physical or material support.

The foundation of Event Temples is for individuals to orchestrate their innermost levels of energy flow and emotion, thus gaining guidance control over their own electromagnetic fields, which is known as emotional self-mastery. This is best achieved when participants live from their heart and express the Six Heart Virtues — energetically, emotionally, and physically through their behaviors.
The Six Heart Virtues are appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. These virtues, expressed in their electromagnetic forms, are the most essential and highest frequencies emitted by the immortal soul.

Living from the Heart
Please download Living from the Heart, the free 54-page pdf that is the main document to read and absorb for participants in the Event Temples project ... and for all who love or are interested in heart-based living.

Lyricus The Lyricus Teaching Order

Within the WingMakers there is an organization known as the Lyricus Teaching Order. It is the responsibility of certain teachers of the Lyricus to incarnate within the human family and to help catalyze the seminal discovery of the species: The Grand Portal. The Grand Portal is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul and its interconnection with all forms of life-energy. It is through this discovery that the human species will authentically unite and ascend to the lofty state of a self-realized race. The website is yet another creation of James and offers the discourses, excerpts from
Liminal Cosmogony, and more detailed information on the structure of the universe.

Watch an intro movie about Lyricus in our Videos section.

Bringers of the Dawn The Pleiadians

The link above is to the website of Pleiadian channel and author Barbara Marciniak.

The Pleiadians are a group of enlightened beings who claim to be both our ancestors and a future highly-evolved version of ourselves. Their stories say that they have consciously entered our presence at this time to help us discover how to reach a new level of existence that is far more harmonious, peaceful and unifying than humanity has ever achieved before. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings are highly entertaining and fascinating. They also offer essential energetic and conceptual connections for certain people who question their existence on this planet and the direction that collective consciousness and human civilization is going.

Visit our Bringers of the DawnSound Theaterin the Galleries of Inspiration and listen to 17 beautifully-spoken audio recordings by Barbara Marciniak.

The Gold Ring The Gold Ring

This is a one-of-a-kind web experience that is composed of 148 videos. Each video takes participants on a 6–10 minute journey of beautiful graphics, mesmerizing music, and harmonious energies that rise on a foundation of spoken-word inner cosmic knowledge and universal love.

The Gold Ring is the Game of Enlightenment. It is a continuing process of role playing into becoming an ascended master, teacher, wayshower and follower of the higher path.

In everyday terms of reality there is a shift that is occurring and the game of enlightenment, the Gold Ring, is played everyday and all the time. It involves the giving and receiving of cosmic energy and the purification and alignment of the aura and chakras of the self, the planet and galaxy. You begin the game where you are. The game of enlightenment never ends as it is joy, expansion, health, wisdom and love all rolled into one exciting and powerful creative life — your life, our life, this life.

Experience The Gold RingVideo Theaterin our Galleries of Inspiration.

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