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David Deutsch
David Deutsch

Legendary physicist David Deutsch
is the founder of the field of quantum
, author of The Fabric of Reality,
and is the leading scientifically-oriented proponent
of the multiverse interpretation of quantum theory — the astounding idea that our universe is constantly spawning countless numbers of parallel universes. Others had written about the possibility of quantum computation earlier, but Deutsch’s 1985 paper on Quantum Turing Machines was the first full treatment of the subject, and the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm is the first quantum algorithm. When he first proposed it, quantum computation seemed practically impossible. But
the last decade has seen an explosion in the construction of simple quantum computers and quantum communication systems. None of this would have taken place without Deutsch’s work.

Read more about David Deutsch and his work at this link on the
Edge website. And watch a movie of David introducing the scientific ideas and math behind the “multiverse” and the “qubit” in our Video section.

The discovery that quantum physics allows fundamentally new modes of information processing has required the existing theories of computation, information and cryptography to be superseded by their quantum generalizations. Oxford and Cambridge were among the first universities to conduct theoretical and experimental research into all aspects of quantum information processing (QIP), and into the implications of the quantum theory of computation for physics itself.

Entangled Photons ... theAnton Zeilinger Group Institute for Experimental Physics of Prof. Anton Zeilinger at the University of Vienna, Austria

The Anton Zeilinger Group investigates, in theory and experiment, the properties of the world in reference to quantum physics. Quantum physics investigates the properties of the smallest physical entities — for example photons, electrons or atoms. These properties fundamentally challenge the classical physical world view and also our everyday, experience-based understanding of the world. Concrete experimental research into the foundations of quantum physics has led to various possibilities of application, among these quantum teleportation, quantum computation and quantum cryptography, all of which are investigated by our group.

Quantum Cryptography Quantum Cryptography

We aim at the development of a plug & play-system for absolute secure communication and its necessary environment (e.g. network structures, hard- and soft ware, ...) using the highly fascinating properties of quantum physics. Quantum cryptography is a superior technology which overcomes limitations and drawbacks of classical cryptographic schemes by utilizing quantum physical effects. The appeal of quantum cryptography is that its security is based on the laws of nature. (See related articles in and Scientific America on quantum cryptography.)

HP Ge pyramid 10 nanometers across HP Labs, Quantum Information Processing

As devices become smaller the principles of quantum mechanics become increasingly more important. Many new theoretical ideas have emerged and fundamental quantum physics experiments have progressed in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Consequently, aspects of genuine Quantum Information Processing could soon begin to be viable commercially. Areas of interest include: quantum computation, quantum cryptography, and quantum teleportation and communication. (And, here is a link to the Quantum Science Research group at HP Labs.)


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