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The Solution The Solution

The Solution is developmental skills
training (DST). By mastering two simple
developmental skills — self-nurturing and
effective limit-setting — we naturally soothe and comfort ourselves from within. We stop needing to soothe and comfort ourselves with external excesses like overeating, smoking, drinking, spending, or overworking, or with softer excesses like people pleasing, thinking too much, or rescuing others. The skills are a natural Solution! No drugs, surgery, or diets are involved. You can master these powerful skills by using The Solution Method, which was developed at one of the nation’s top medical schools. It’s so effective that Health magazine named it “One of the Top 10 Medical Advances of the Year.” Why is The Solution so effective? Because the skills to nurture and set limits for ourselves are stored in the powerful feeling brain, which is the seat of our emotional balance, intimacy, and spirituality — as well as the home of common excessive appetites. When our feeling brain changes, we experience a true transformation.

Dr. Fern Kazlow Dr. Fern Kazlow > The Kazlow Method™

The Kazlow Method (KM) is a path of growth and healing for rapid, lasting transformation. It is a heart-centered energetic approach for creating the life you want. It teaches you to combine the power of universal principles, an integrative process, and energetic tools for deep and rapid transformation in every area of your life — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It changes your life, and influences the lives of those around you. KM draws on Chinese Energetic Medicine, as well as Western modalities including psychology, hypnosis, anatomy, physiology, breathing techniques and quantum physics. It is a multi-faceted approach that shows you how to draw on your own strengths and talents, adding power to your growth, healing and to everything you do in life.

mp3 Download Click here to visit a web page that features a fascinating audio interview of Dr. Kazlow. After the page opens up, scroll down to the bottom and click the mp3 download icon to listen.

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