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Links: ETs & UFOs.
Discover the amazing interviews of Project Camelot.

Ets & UFOs

Fire the Grid
Project Camelot

Kerry Cassidy & Bill Ryan of Project CamelotProject Camelot is
the amazing website
of film-maker Kerry Cassidy and physisicst Bill Ryan, who travel around the world to meet with and interview truth-tellers in the effort to provide enlightening testimony about the true nature of human existence and the intelligent, highly-civilized, multi-dimensional universe. The focus of their work includes but is not limited to the following:

extraterrestrial visitation and contact
classified advanced technology
possible coming earth changes
free energy
time travel

Soul Connection TVPlease visit the Project Camelot channel on Soul Connection TV which is composed of 22 of their best interviews, making for 20+ hours of fascinating, educational and entertaining viewing.


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