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Sunflower Being
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Links: Art and Music.
Discover the people and their creations that we are intimately connected to.

Soulfood Media, the Wingmakers Soulfood Music

An artist owned, independent label
that specializes in New Age, World and
Chill Out genres. Offering a wide selection
of massage, meditation, yoga, Native American,
ambient and contemporary world music that artfully blends the organic sounds of acoustic guitar, African drums, didgeridoo, grand piano, global chants, horns, Native flute, nature sounds and sax with synthesizer, contemporary beats and modern instrumentation. Influenced by the world’s indigenous cultures and their respect and connection to nature that is heard through the use of native instruments, chants and nature sounds woven throughout our music. Studios in Minneapolis, MN and Santa Fe, NM.

Listen to music by Soulfood in our Music section.

Charlottemarie Charlottémarie

A renaissance woman of many dimensions. Charlottémarie’s vision has prompted her to pursue unconventional avenues in voice, chant, music, composition and performance. Her life’s passion is creating works embodying universal principles from ancient teachings and practices in music, chant, sound, meditation, mythology, and cosmology. She has submerged herself in many cultures, ethnic music and teachings, resulting in a rich, resonant, transcendental, multi-cultural, multi-dimensional voice.

The Music of the Wingmakers The Music of the Wingmakers

This music is designed to enhance the experience of the WingMakers’ art and philosophy. “Music is a language that directly communicates what cannot be said with words. When you encounter rhythm, melody, timbre, tone, harmony — the components of music — your first instinct is to surrender to their language. You crossover into the mysterious world of their creative presence where a bridge can be built and integration between these two worlds can be formed.”
— Excerpt from Coherence of the Evolutionary Consciousness

Listen to music by the Wingmakers in our Music section.

Zoe Ann Nishimuta Zoe Ann Nishimuta » Sacred Animal Songs

Soulful songwriter, musician and artist for animals, Zoe Ann Nishimuta, has completed an incredibly lofty and vibrant goal of creating her first volume of Sacred Animal Songs — 144 songs in total. The music and lyrics are expressions of profound love and tenderness. Magically woven into each song, are the highest virtues of human compassion and reflections of the inner spiritual path. Every song is accompanied by an original painting that is beautiful and simple in its essential structure, but adorned with colorful details, making them striking visual emblems for the project.

Her new
Sacred Animal Songbook can be purchased through this link.

The near-future plans of the Soul Connection website, is to have several of Zoe’s songs here as free samples in a Music Player, and to have her entire collection available for sale in a downloadable digital format. Stay tuned.

Here is a link to Zoe’s blog, and also to her store named The Turtle Path. She is also a master of haiku and creates original, insightful, loving verses daily. Please go to this topic on Soul Connection’s Forum where Zoe posts her amazing haikus.

The Light Party
The Next Step In Global Television

By The Light Party

Artainment combines some of the most beautiful music ever composed by the human heart, with some of the most captivating computer art ever created by sources of infinite imagination. This fusion creates a transcendental experience that inspires, delights, heals and enlightens.

Artainment is an incredibly fascinating channel of expression for a new wholistic paradigm called The Light Party, which is a positive, proactive, educational, empowerment political party. Through the power of synergy, they focus upon and help to grow the unprecedented opportunity for humanity to co-create health, peace and freedom for all.

Experience the ArtainmentVideo Theaterin our Galleries of Inspiration.

Alex Grey
Alex Grey

“Mr. Grey’s paintings, as detailed and anatomically accurate as medical illustrations, present man as an archetypal being struggling toward cosmic unity ... Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art.”
— New York Times

Watch movies of Alex Grey in our Videos section.

Soul Connection TVPlease visit the Alex Grey channel on Soul Connection TV, which has 19 of their best video and audio recordings.

CoSM CoSM —Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a sanctuary in New York City for contemplation and a center for events encouraging the creative spirit. The Sacred Mirrors, on display in the Chapel, are a series of paintings that allow us to see ourselves and each other as reflections of the divine. CoSM provides a public exhibition of the Sacred Mirrors and the most outstanding works of mystical art by Alex Grey. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a nonprofit organization, supported solely by charitable donations from the community.

Watch a movie about CoSM in our Videos section.


Akiane is an internationally recognized 11-year-old prodigy, considered the only known child binary genius, in both realist painting and poetry. Inspiration comes from visions, dreams, observations of people, nature and God. Akiane’s artistic style is a blend of realism and imagination. She was selected as 1 of 20 most accomplished visual artists in the world by Tribute Entertainment (London) and ABI Art (United States).

Watch a movie about Akiane in our Videos section.

Ashes & Snow Ashes & Snow

This truly is a web experience of rare beauty and love ... a journey of sensory data streams that blend incredible one-of-a-kind photos, brief flash movies, poetic phrases and intoxicating soundscapes. Please notice how the website’s interactive features function — through a cascade of imagery that comes and goes through your cooperative control — and how you can use each image as a portal to other images and new worlds for you to see and experience. This is a brilliant reflection of how our Personal Inner Hologram works.

Watch Ashes & Snow movies in our Videos section.

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