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The 4 sections in KNOW THYSELF uses stories and art to explain natural holographic awareness and humankind’s inner telepathic communication system.

Holographic Awareness iconHolographic Awareness  {2 Parts}
What are the raw materials that conscious content is made of? It is made of light in colors and shapes, sounds, feelings and memories ... which are woven together and constantly morphing in a spacious atmosphere. Furthermore, everything is a universe inside a universe, and a reflection of the Whole. This is the description of awareness and also of a hologram.

Personal Inner Hologram iconThe Personal Inner Hologram  {3 Parts}
The Personal Inner Hologram is the theater where you see and interact with the characters, things, spaces and environments that compose our thoughts, feelings, memories and dreams. Incredibly and mysteriously, it’s also the place where you see and interact with the outside world as well. The Personal Inner Hologram is your window to the holographic universe.

Soul Connection Network iconThe Soul Connection Network  {5 Parts}
This website gets its name from the real Soul Connection Network that lives inside all of us. The real Soul Connection Network is our natural, living, original, communication system that has always functioned, you might say, “behind the scenes.” We are connected and communicating 24-7, through inner channels that can be described as telepathic and holographic . Through our inner network we share thoughts, feelings, images, hopes and dreams with others. Time and distance have little or no influence on the communications we share through our inner network, as its natural platform and base of operations is the universal quantum field.
Our inner telepathic system of communication is an essential part of the fabric of who and what we are. It clearly illustrates that no being is an island for we are intimately connected to each other and a vibrant part of a unified, intelligent, mystical Universe.

Quiet Center of Stillness iconThe Quiet Center of Stillness  {4 Parts}
Inside yourself — within your Personal Inner Hologram — located at the core of your being — is a place of stillness, emptiness, and peace. You’ve known it to be there for your entire life, but you’ve largely ignored it. But now, times are changing for many of you ... You find yourself reaching out to that eternal stillness.

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