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Beautiful Holographic Awareness
The Soul Connection Network The Soul Connection Network
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The Interface Zone

“The heart and brain systems were designed
to enable those who were able to apply their
imaginations from the core heart frequencies
to access the higher frequency, higher intelligence
of the genetic mind. This access made them the
prophets and philosophers of humanity — the
wisdom bearers that elevated all of humanity.”
— Lyricus Discourse 6, The Lyricus Teaching Order

he essays in this section requires the use
of your imagination and visualization abilities.
An attitude of sincerity and benevolence that
has become your essential, stable, on-going nature,
opens your electromagnetic field like a gateway to the
possibilities and understanding enfolded in these words.
The purpose of this essay and website is to help prepare and inspire those who desire to venture into the inner telepathic communication network of the human species. The first step is to access the connecting bridge to the network via a space inside yourself called the Interface Zone.

The Interface Zone is the meeting place, inside yourself, of the physical and the energetic realms. It is your personal psycho-dynamic theater of exchange between the two vibratory worlds. In the Interface Zone, the individual realizes that the thoughts and feelings flowing through her mind and heart are not exclusively her own, but she’s sharing and spontaneously translating the thoughts, feelings, dreams, discoveries and inspirations of others.

The Interface Zone is a dynamic place that
you can manage. Not only is it the psychic bridge to the Soul Connection Network, but it can also be consciously customized into a buffer system to help transmute your participation in energies and inner holographic content that keeps you circulating in chaos, fear and disharmony. By taking care of your Interface Zone, you can have more success in aligning to energies, thoughts, dreams and feelings that are unified, expansive, inspirational and serene. Certain types of music and art, and the energetic tools of the the New Psychology can be effectively used to enhance, balance and orchestrate this vital psychic space. Hence, if a being’s Interface Zone is managed properly, it can help the individual migrate to new, deeper, spectacular levels of vibrational harmony.

On a larger level of group awareness and connectivity, the Interface Zone is the access point to activating the group consciousness of humanity. The Lyricus Teaching Order proposes:

“If humanity can operate as a collective consciousness,
while its members remain anchored in the fullness of their
individuality, humanity will be able to re-balance the earth
and operate as co-creators of a New Earth with influence
that will extend to galactic levels. The Interface Zone is
an important component of the Grand Portal Discovery
and it will become known as the connecting element of
the human species that unifies its genetic mind, and in
this unification, unleashes its power and capability to
create solutions to the natural challenges of planetary life.”

The Soul Connection Network
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