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The Soul Connection Network The Soul Connection Network
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The Intelligent Soul Language is the natural telepathic translation program universally used on the Soul Connection Network.

ave you ever looked into someone’s eyes and had a whole conversation with them ... without saying a word? You shared information and experiences, and the entire communication happened almost instantly. It was effortlessly translated and understood by both parties. That’s actually our normal, everyday method of operation as 99% of face-to-face communication is nonverbal. It happens through the transmission and sharing of subtle feelings, the human electromagnetic fields and holographic content that perhaps neither party is consciously aware of.

Now, just imagine that the exact same thing is happening — this type of nonverbal telepathic communication — without people being in the same physical location. In fact, people sharing this type of communication can be anywhere on the planet as the Soul Connection Network is quantum field based. Differences in time and location are coordinates to help describe the physical universe, but they are not obstacles or barriers for networks relating to consciousness that span multiple dimensions in the unified field of the holographic universe.

We have so much in common

The infinite diversity of light, sound, energy and consciousness streaming through the SCN are essentially made of the same materials, and all spiral into Creation from the same Quiet Center of Stillness that we have in common. No matter how different we are, all of our unique expressions are made of the same stuff, and intimately link, intertwine and flow through us on our inner network. Because we have so much in common, and because we share a common center — we are allowed to walk in each other’s shoes ... we are allowed to share each other’s feelings, dreams, inspirations, and galleries of images telepathically.

In summary: we are all on the same network and the fundamental language that we are using is common to us all — the language is native to the network. The inner, dynamic, living, psychic language system that is operating on the SCN ... is called the Intelligent Soul Language.

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The language of spirits
and angels

The writings below are by 18th century scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg. Here he describes the communication of beings in heavenly realms (more accelerated dimensions of existence than here in 3D physical), and how their language translation mechanism works automatically and effortlessly. This also shows how our own inner telepathic system in the physical dimension is a reflection of systems that naturally occur in “higher” dimensions of existence:

“Human speech passes in through the ear, by an external way, by means of the air; but the speech of spirits does not enter through the ear, nor by means of the air; but by an internal way, into the same organs of the head or brain.

“Among the wonderful things in the other life is the fact that the speech of spirits with a man is in his native tongue, which they speak as readily and skillfully as if they had been born in the same land, and had been brought up with the same language; and this whether they are from Europe, from Asia, or from any other part of the globe. The case is the same with those who lived thousands of years ago, before the language in question had come into existence. The spirits indeed know no otherwise than that the language in which they speak with a man is their own, and that of their native land. Even little children who had died before they had been taught any language, speak in the same way.

“All souls, as soon as they enter into the other life, are endowed with the gift of being able to understand the speech of all who are in the whole world, precisely as if it were their native tongue, for they perceive whatever a man thinks. Hence it is that souls, after the death of the body, can converse and associate with all, of whatever region or language they may have been. They are endowed with other faculties also that are still more excellent.”

— From the Heavenly Secrets of Emanuel Swedenborg,

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Instant, effortless, always-on translations ... for each of us

The psychic material flowing thro
ugh our personal holograms is presented to us by the ISL ... the Intelligent Soul Language. But for each of us, the holographic material is translated differently ... to suite our current understanding and beliefs. The ISL translates words, images, feelings, dreams — everything a person senses in their inner world has been translated for them by the ISL. That, perhaps, is its most amazing feature — the ability to translate content flowing on the SCN, into understandable information that is custom-made to relate to each receiver.

We are connected to others around the globe through common fields of vibrations — most significantly to people in our Resonant Family (who are like-feeling and like-thinking people who share similar frequencies, energies and beliefs). Embedded in our personal vibrations are packets of images, movies, memories, feelings and much more. Differences in age, country, and language are no barrier to beings sharing info on the SCN, as the network uses the Intelligent Soul Language to instantly translate vibrations into content that makes sense to each individual’s current understanding.

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You are always energetically connected to others and sharing holographic content that is translated on the fly

For instance, you are connected to others around the globe who speak a variety of languages and you’ve never met in the physical world, but you share very similar patterns of resonance. You are dialed into the same quantum field address. Inside yourself, you and others share holographic content that is loaded with imagery, feelings and ultra-subtle energies.

As holographic pulsations shared by the group emerge from the quantum field and flow into an individual’s awareness (via the SCN), the imagery and language morph into content that relates to your current understanding, knowing and belief systems ... as that is how the Intelligent Soul Language works. It serves all receivers, no matter where they are at, and adjusts holographic communication to fit into their current point of view, belief system, and language.

The ISL’s preferences are set by the beliefs, attitude and energy of the individual ... or the cultural group that she is aligned to

People dominated by an ego-based personal reality, have nearly all the content flowing from others, morph into images and stories that seem to be originating from them. The power of the ego transforms all SCN content into its own stories and imagery so as not to disturb the limited, narrow, personal reality that the ego has made for itself to experience.

On the other hand, a young child, a spiritual adept, or a person with clear psychic abilities who is not dominated by ego-based mind-styles can have the content sent by others, flow to them with much more of the sender’s original imagery, feelings and identity intact, with just the audible language aspect translated by the ISL.

The content flowing through the Soul Connection Network can be seen as original raw data, and as it crosses over into another person’s energy field, it morphs into information that is understandable to them, and within their current set of beliefs and knowledge system.

However, the momentum of evolution is to eventually not need the raw data circulating on the SCN, to be excessively translated into the ego’s limited version of personal reality. When the ego is absent from the interaction, one can receive the original vibratory patterns emanating from others without filters, and have a clearer picture of their impressions, experiences, and who they authentically are. Communication clarity is greatly magnified when the chaotic energy patterns of the receiver are stilled, and the raw material coming from the quantum field is allowed to flow free and true as it makes its appearance in the receiver’s awareness.

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Setting the stage for the selection of desirable future realities

You are a Creator. You are making, attracting and customizing your personal reality. Now, if a Creator says that things are separate from her, and that she does not know what others are thinking and feeling ... then so be it! This is an effective command that she is broadcasting to the universe. Thoughts, words, feelings and beliefs are a Creator's tools to shape and fashion her personal reality. In this case, the Creator is calling out for the reality of separation to flow to her, for her to experience ... and more than likely, she will get it and her thinking and feeling will be confirmed. Furthermore, through the SCN, she will be connected to other beings around the planet of a similar energy and philosophy. They will share ideas, feelings and holographic content that support their beliefs and feelings regarding separation.

On the other hand, if she orients herself to align with the expansive, embracing, nurturing energies and attitudes of unity and wholeness, and allows herself to flow with greater possibilities, and even test-drive the thoughts and feelings of others, then so be it! She will have empathy for them, and will for a time, flow with their thoughts and feelings, and have the opportunity to see the world from their point of view. She is not a victim of a Creator, she is the Creator, Herself.

All is shared in a spacious, interconnected, intelligent universe

Most of the examples offered to you are about obvious events that are common to all, to boldly clarify how energy, feelings and experiences are shared and individually translated between people. But please know that the entire universe is made of vibrating energy, and so even the most subtle, beautiful and quiet frequencies are shared and translated throughout the cosmos ... and most clearly with those in your Resonate Family.

Though humankind’s hurdles are great and some problems may seem insurmountable, I say that the path to a sustainable future begins on a personal level with the development of more beautiful, profound expressions of inner harmony. The journey ahead will need us to have practical experience of our primal unity, so that we can work together and channel the knowledge and abilities from the highest realms of the mind. But the paths we choose and the maps we make to guide ourselves and humanity to a new future of peace, will emerge from the shared harmonic pulsations of our energetic hearts and the Center of Stillness that we have in common.

The Soul Connection Network
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