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Event Temples
Event Temples — a new website by
the creator of the Wingmakers

I would like to share with you a new creation that I have
found to be incredibly fascinating, insightful and beautiful.
The unlimited possibilities that are waiting to unfold through
this are highly positive and so revolutionary that it is safe to
say that the ideas, energies, and actions proposed are new
to this world and certainly to modern human cultures. They
are also perfectly aligned with the meaning, purpose and
philosophy that is shared here on The Soul Connection

James, the principle creator of the WingMakers and Lyricus
materials and websites, has launched his next innovation for
the web: Event Temples.

EventTemples home page

Event Temples is a major project, at least as ambitious in
scope as the WingMakers, and over the next six months it
will rapidly evolve into a meeting place for individuals to learn,
practice and share the advanced techniques of living from the
heart and performing energetic transfers to pre-selected
crisis points throughout the globe.

In order to anchor the EventTemples website, James is
sharing a 54-page paper entitled,
Living from the Heart.

Later, in the first half of 2008, registered users will be able
to access one of the most advanced tracking systems on the
web: The Six Heart Virtues Tracking System. This innovative
system will provide support for members to track their
progress on the path to emotional self-mastery and
compare their progress to the greater community.

In early 2008, the first Event Temple will be launched — a
sacred cyberspace that will enable members to synchronize
their heart energetics and direct them, on cue, from a guided
animation to specific events and the people affected by them.
James will also provide regular communications with members
of EventTemples through his “Notes from James” program.
These notes will help members with common issues and
challenges as they journey to emotional self-mastery.

The entire site is free. All the tools can be downloaded for
free, and users and members alike are encouraged to share
the tools with their networks of like-minded friends and/or
family. Product sales from the WingMakers website support
the EventTemples, which was the vision of James from the
very beginning.

The EventTemples website is as innovative as anything on
the web, yet its focus is clearly centered on the simple but
powerful intelligence of the heart and its innate ability to be
the master teacher within us. This is all explained in clear
language in the e-paper, and this is the best starting point.

CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD > 54-page pdf, 1mb:

Living from the Heart


The Rising Heart
The Rising Heart
An excerpt from Liminal Cosmogony
14-page pdf, 4.3mb

This is the first released work from
Liminal Cosmogony, the core philosophy of the Lyricus Teaching Order. In this inaugural paper, Lyricus shares an esoteric and powerful technique known as the “Rising Heart” that is used to activate the teachers of light.

Which-When-How Practice
Which-When-How Practice
A guide for everyday use
125-page pdf, 1.9mb

One of the key elements that James discusses in his
Living from the Heart paper is the practice of When-Which-How; the centerpiece for practitioners of the six heart virtues. John Berges, a gifted practitioner, was asked to write a guide that others could use to help them understand how to apply this important practice to their everyday lives. For those of you who have already read the paper, Living from the Heart, you will find this e-book a perfect companion. James has written a Foreword that describes the purpose of the practice, while Mr. Berges articulates the process of applying the practice in one’s everyday life.

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