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In the News: Stories of cultural brilliance for the advancement of humanity that relate to
the central ideas, content, themes and purposes of the Soul Connection Network website.

Muhammad YunusNobel Peace Laureate truly nobel

This year’s Nobel peace laureate was honored again on Thursday for his work in fighting poverty and pledged to continue struggling for a world free of want. Six days after winning the world’s most prestigious award, Bangladeshi Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Seoul Peace Prize for his role as banker to the poor. Yunus said at the award ceremony that it was a wonderful feeling and so exciting, because it's not only a prize to honor me, it’s a prize to uphold a fate, a mission that we can create a poverty-free world.

Researchers Seek Routes to Happier Life

Recent long-term studies have revealed that the happiness thermostat is far more malleable than what popular theories have maintained.


Children to get happiness lessons in school

Happiness lessons are to be taught to all secondary school children, the UK government is expected to announce today. Pupils are set to learn about emotional well-being in order to improve their behavior and boost academic performance. The move follows extensive research carried out in primary schools that found pupils concentrate better if are taught to express their feelings. A pilot study by the Institute of Education in 25 local authorities found that children were both calmer and better behaved as a result of the pioneering classes. They were taught how to express their feelings, manage their anger and empathize with other people. The research found pupils who took part in these classes were calmer, more respectful and more willing to be honest.

Sarah McLachlanBrilliant idea creates $150K donation
by singer Sarah McLachlan

Canadian singer-song writer Sarah McLachlan took $150,000 that she would have used to make the music video for her song World on Fire, and donates it to a wide variety of charitable causes ... then makes the music video for $15.

Click the headline above to see the music video and listen to World on Fire. Click here to see the groups, causes and people that her generosity continues to help.

Convergences: Judeo-Islamic Mysticism meets hope

Believing that humanity trumps hostility, two artists seek to bridge the divide between Muslims and Jews through visionary art and a series of community dialogues. Their goal is to transcend traditional texts in pursuit of freedom and a more spiritual life.

Mothers of Invention:
While the men were out hunting,
Stone Age women created a future

Anthropologist Olga Soffer and James M. Adovasio, director of the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute in Pennsylvania, say that contemporary scientists paint a different picture of the Paleolithic past: labor division by sex and age is a relatively new human invention. Stone Age humans pretty much did the same jobs. However, when the women did remain behind, they spent much of their time inventing the tools and foundations of future society. To be sure, subsequent cultures would develop and define roles by gender. Adovasio’s point is that when prehistoric women stopped doing the same jobs as men, they became engaged in activities that were not only just as important, but perhaps fundamental to the transformation of human culture.

Alex GreyInterview with visionary artist Alex Grey

Alex Grey, a visionary artist living in New York City, is powerfully motivated by love. Originally an atheist, a mystical rebirth transformed his life. Since that awakening he has worked continually to express humanity’s spiritual potential in artwork that shows how the aetheric body interfaces with the physical, and to visually depict the web of light that connects us all to divinity. Alex boldly translates his vision and philosophy into action, and personally illustrates how we can create realities that we want to live in and share it others. His creations brilliantly intone the ancient truth: artistic expression can act as a force of healing and positive change for the world.

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