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The Great Story
The Great Story & the New Earth

A new fundamental orientation, meaning and direction are told through The Great Story and the New Earth

The Wingmakers, Chamber 6 excerpt
m Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
he Great Story, ’the Story of the Universe,’ or ’the Epic of Evolution’ are titles for a social movement that tells the history of the universe in a way that is simultaneously scientific and sacred. It articulates the understandings of modern science — especially the evolutionary sciences ranging from stellar evolution to biological evolution and cultural evolution — as a sacred creation story, much like the traditional creation myths passed down through oral cultures and sacred texts.

“Advocates of The Great Story see science not only as a source of physical truths that empower technology and the material affluence and complexity of modern life. They see its 14 billion year epic of evolution — with its eons of increasing complexity, aliveness, consciousness and intelligence — as a story filled with meaning and moral texture.”

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The New Earth

The “New Earth” is a highly attractive vision of our future that millions of people are seeing, feeling, and engaging with
inside themselves. To some, this vision is dim and they surround it with feelings of doubt and disbelief. To others it is brilliant, electrifying, and understood to be a reality of clear possibility that calls forth and encourages our deepest, wisest and most loving aspects of our Self.

Currently, the New Earth is an inner realm composed of thoughts, images, visions, feelings and inspiration. It lives in the collective mind of the species as holographic content. Anyone with a willing heart can dial into it, as it exists in the storage banks of the universal quantum field and is accessed through the normal functioning of your attention, feelings and inner vision. It as an inner realm that can be seen and felt by one and all ... but, how you respond to it is up to you.

People who realize that physical dimension reality can be created and shaped by the feelings, energy and imagery that we hold inside our hearts and mind, purposely align their deepest energies to the New Earth Realm so that its holographic content flows through their inner world, for them to see and experience it. In this way, they test drive the New Earth as a future reality, and those who like what they see and feel can, in a sense, become incubators for it, here on the physical plane.

The power to preview and create reality through what we see, feel and share inside ourselves is recognized by the planet's most brilliant minds:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
— Albert Einstein

Though inner holographic content originating from the same source is translated by each individual in a unique way, still, the collective vision of the New Earth Realm is one that sees the planet’s major environmental problems solved, and the human species living in harmony through the creation of a more profound culture and noble purpose.

Rock art for a New Story

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