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The Wingmakers


See the 6-minute Wingmakers Intro Movie that provides a compelling look at the origins and purpose of the and websites. Haunting music and striking imagery combine with an informative documentary-style narrative that provides an excellent overview of this mystical and catalyzing work. It is designed for higher bandwidth connections, and so those with dial-up, you'll need to be patient as it downloads. The file is approximately 6.8 MB, but well worth the wait.

Text of the Intro Movie:

“Wingmakers is a step on humanity’s path to the 21st Century breakthrough known a the Grand Portal — the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul.

“The Wingmakers materials are catalysts for the expansion of the evolutionary consciousness, a fragment of which is inside each of us. These materials consist of a collection of enigmatic and mystical art, music, philosophy, new physics, and a remarkable story brilliantly integrated from an anonymous creator, known simply as James.

“James has offered the content of the Wingmakers, as a navigational plan to humanity that describes a mission so grand that it is only now, at the beginning of the 21st Century, being depicted.

“Throughout human history, the Wingmakers have been known by various titles, including the Shinning Ones, the Angelic Hosts, and Elohim. Whatever their names, they are referred to in these works as members of the Central Race, the original race of beings that evolved in the centermost galaxies of the universe. As our universe expanded, these beings exported the master DNA templates from the more evolved ancient galaxies, to those that were in development or incubation.

“Within the Central Race, there is a Teaching Order who's name is Lyricus. Lyricus is a mystical order of teachers who are responsible for the evolutionary progress of the human species, and above all for helping humanity scientifically discover the true structure of the human soul, and apply this discovery in order to create a more profound culture and noble purpose for our species.

“Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or the Tibetan monks of the Central Race. They bear responsibility for shepherding a humanoid species to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe.

“This undertaking demands an expansive agenda, encompassing genetics at its core, and six additional disciplines that collectively propel humanity to discover its own animating life force and the subtle vibratory fields in which it operates. Lyricus employs a variety of sensory data streams to awaken a species, ranging from music, books, art, science and mythology. Generally, these are isolated expressions, but as the species draws closer to the Grand Portal, the sensory data streams are increasingly integrated, encoded, and represent potent forces for the expansion of consciousness.

“Wingmakers is an expression of an encoded sensory data stream that is designed to help in the awakening process of those individuals incarnating in ever increasing numbers over the next three generations. The WingMakers sites — each of the seven — will be translated in a specific order. Each site carries a central theme that is connected to the seven disciplines of Lyricus. These seven disciplines, collectively represent the knowledge system that will make possible, the discovery of the Grand Portal.

“ is part of the mythological expression of Lyricus that typically accompanies its first exterial expression within a species that announces its initial approach as it treads softly among the species to which it serves. It is the symbolic hand of our future selves offering each of us an inner map leading to our true identity, not only as individuals but also as a species. We only have to receive this map, study it, and allow it to recode our innate spiritual quest. As surely as light draws the eye in a sea of darkness, so to do these materials draw the soul.”

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