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Tributary Zones

Tributary Zones are catalysts for awakening the Wholeness Navigator within the human instrument for the purpose of helping humanity discover the Grand Portal. They are separated into three distinct categories:

Super Universe-Based Tributary Zones
Galactic-Based Tributary Zones
Planetary-Based Tributary Zones

The Super Universe Tributary Zones
are seven in number and constitute the repository of required knowledge in order to discover the Grand Portal for a life-bearing planetary system within that particular Super Universe. These are the archetypes for all other Tributary Zones — either planetary or galactic.

Galactic Tributary Zones are also seven in number and closely resemble their Super Universe counterparts. They are generally transposed by specialists from the Central Race, and are established near or within the galactic core of a life-bearing galaxy possessing sufficient numbers of intelligent, sentient life.

Galactic Tributary Zones are ultimately transposed to a planetary level as encoded sensory data streams. Generally, this occurs shortly after the planetary system establishes its first phase of the OLIN Technology or global communications network.

Again: the seven galactic Tributary Zones exist near the centermost point of the Milky Way galaxy, making them inaccessible to humanity. This is the primary reason that a translator is required. The other reason is that the vibratory rate of the Tributary Zones is purposely accelerated in order to ensure that only those entities of a compatible vibration may enter. There are members of the humanoid species, throughout the galaxy, that attend these sites in their dream state or meditation sessions.

It is impossible to translate these sites from their original dimension to earth, or any other three-dimensional planet, without changing the content. This is because the vibratory rate of the original materials must be decelerated, and in this deceleration process, change occurs. Technically, the process is less akin to translation from one language to another, and more similar to transposing from a higher key, or vibratory rate, to a lower.

Planetary Tributary Systems are a diverse set of artistic and text-based contributions created by members of the species who have sufficiently interacted with the Galactic Tributary Zones in their dream state. In some instances, these may include works from other planetary systems within the same galaxy. Generally, Planetary Tributary Zones are created in the form of books, art, poetry, and motion pictures. They are not encoded sensory data streams, as in the case of the Galactic Tributary Zones, and they are focused on preparation of the species. {The Soul Connection Network website is an example of a Planetary Tributary Zone.}

The Tributary Zones fluctuate over time and are generally found in the high-culture of a robust civilization — notably the art movements that are grounded in spiritual principles, sacred mythology, and cosmic context. Art of this nature, whether it is music, painting, poetry, drama, or dance, can be constructed into a Tributary Zone that transitions souls to discover the Grand Portal.

The seven Tributary Zones aren’t discovered so much as they are revealed. This revelation is a gradual dispensation of a new sensory data stream that is encoded with numerous “triggers” that will touch deeply into the next three generations of select humans incarnating upon earth. These sensory data streams will — in effect — crystallize the supernal purpose of the individual and make it accessible to the human mind of the individual. This access may be as innocent as causing the individual to select a career of scientific inquiry into the human genome, or as powerful as awakening the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

While the seven Tributary Zones are revealed, the Grand Portal is discovered. Each of the seven disciplines of Lyricus is connected to a Tributary Zone. In other words, one of the Tributary Zones, known as the Ancient Arrow site, is focused on the human genome. The next site that will be revealed is focused on cosmological sciences, and so forth. Each of these areas of emphasis is subtly manifest (encoded) in the sensory data streams of their respective sites, and trigger an awakening in the mind of the recipient.

The seven Tributary Zones exist as places of inquiry and knowledge dissemination. They are the creation of the Central Race and, more specifically, Lyricus. While it is true to say that they exist within the innermost section of each of the seven Super Universes, they have been exported to each galaxy, somewhat like exporting a library. Thus, each galaxy possesses seven Tributary Zones cast from the archetypal versions existing in the innermost section of the universe that pertains to that particular galaxy. Each Tributary Zone is tuned to the unique characteristics of the humanoid species of a particular Super Universe, and to some extent, galaxy.

While physical events upon earth and the evolutionary status of humanity impact on the timing of the physical revelation of these seven Tributary Zones, they do not dictate the revelation of these mysterious destinations insofar as the individual is concerned.

The WingMakers created the initial Tributary Zones in accelerated, non-physical dimensions as outposts of creative energy linked to the higher circuits of First Source, and these act as guideposts that gently steer humankind’s finest representatives of the arts and culture to create Tributary Zones that are physically based, which in turn, guide humankind’s finest representatives of the sciences to ultimately discover and prove the existence of the Wholeness Navigator. In so doing, humanity is forever changed from a survival-based energy system to an explorer-based energy system.

Tributary Zones will become the new religion of the 22nd century. They will become the touchstone for accessing the new energy coming into the planet as a result of the Grand Portal’s discovery.

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