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This is about the character that begins the Ancient Arrow Project story, which is part of the mythology shared by the Lyricus Teaching Order.

Traveler of the Sky
Teka’s Notes #1

Traveler of the Sky is leader of her tribe’s shamans, a group named the
Self Knowers. Now I say to you, Dear Reader, that she is a symbol for YOU. You are the leader of the Self Knowers. And who are you leading? You are leading your Self. You are leading all of the fragments, characters, feelings, dreams, memories and energies of your total being to unity, wholeness, understanding ... and to a new and grand future for humankind.

Traveler of the Sky ome feel that Traveler of the Sky existed in a world long ago, others may think that she lives today as Samantha, while others consider her to simply be a minor character in a well-told myth. I welcome all of these points of views and feel that they are equally valid.

But, no matter the perspective that one favors, doesn’t she actually live inside ourselves? She lives psycho-dynamically in our hearts and minds — just like all of the characters in the
Ancient Arrow Project story.

When we read the story, where do you think we are seeing and interacting with the characters? They are inside us. Each of the characters are an energetic collection of frequencies, intelligence and wisdom that have a holographic presence in our hearts and minds — in our own Personal Inner Hologram — and those energies are activated when we follow along and ponder the story.

The energetic frequencies contained in the stories, music, art and symbols composing the Wingmakers materials cast their influence across the vibrating hearts and minds of those who engage with them. Within these energies that one absorbs through their senses, are specialized frequencies called source codes that are designed to catalyze the inner expansion of a person’s beliefs, powers of imagination and their ability to sense multidimensional reality. Hence, the transformation of the individual and the species, proceeds from the inside to the outside, as “the inner begets the outer.”

In truth, you are a cosmos, a uniquely morphing assemblage of the multiverse; and they — the characters and their energy, wisdom and insights — are all WITHIN you. Traveler of the Sky is energetically related to an intelligent, brave, intuitive, wise and far-seeing part of yourself.

As you investigate the story and entrain to its energy, you activate the parts of yourself that are contained in the many characters. Empathizing and connecting with Traveler of the Sky, Samantha and Neruda, orients your energetic field and beliefs to the energetic fields and beliefs that they represent. This alignment helps shift the ultra-subtle vibrations in your personal electromagnetic field so that you become “more accommodating to the frequencies of energy that emanate from the centermost section of the Grand Universe. These frequencies are quite literally the carriers of your new life as a species.”

As the larger story of the great journey of the soul goes: ultimately, you are a Wingmaker ... and you are in the process of uniting and orchestrating all of the different personalities, lifetimes and experiences into a composed, far-seeing, multi-dimensional sovereign being.

Ancient Arrow Project story is a sensory data stream that is part of an inner navigational plan that Lyricus offers humanity. We have only to receive this map, study it, and allow it to re-code our innate spiritual quest.

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