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Soul Carrier

The physical body-mind and emotional complex are, literally, a biological vehicle that carries the immortal soul around so that it may touch, feel, ponder, transform, cast its influence, explore and assist in the co-create of the physical plane, in time and space.

The soul carrier is a temporary vehicle, of course, and the eternal soul (which is who YOU really are) incarnates into many of them — thousands of different bodies that are spread across thousands of years of linear time.

The soul wants this type of expanded experience, and willingly creates if for herself to experience, as it desires to explore Creation and to know what it is like to be fully human. It wants to have a full range of human experience from a multitude of perspectives, as a diverse range of human beings, in a wide variety of cultures, and as thousands of different personalities.

Hence, as the story goes ... via incarnation, you’ve been in both male and female bodies hundreds of times ... you’ve been a mother, a father, a baby, a toddler, a teen, an elder, you've been born into a physical body and your physical body has died hundreds of times in a vast array of cultures, spanning thousands of years of human evolution. You’ve been rich and poor, a healer and also sick, a saint and a sinner. You’ve been on one side of the battlefield and also on the other as well. You’ve been all this and more, and everything in between— many times.

During the single life-span of a soul carrier, you’ll explore what it’s like to see the world from many personalities as you mind and emotions change as you grow, evolve, and naturally morph over your life. As you come into contact with people, especially those that you love and hate, you adopt some of their mental and emotional patterns so that you can see the world from their perspective. You didn't necessarily do this intentionally, but you did it by default as you and everyone else are spiritual atmospheres who naturally share energy and holographic content on the fly ... in the twinkle of an eye ... with the greatest of ease ... without even trying.

Also, according to this expanded view of soul, your soul can have a part of itself in more than one human soul carrier at a time, at the same time on the planet. Hence, as you are reading this, your soul may be activating other bodies, and be other people, in other cultures, on the other side of the planet ... or anywhere, of course. Again: the primal desire of the soul is to explore Creation and to have a full range of diverse human experiences, and so its innate essence is to have empathy for all ... after all, the soul is a God fragment ... it is a child of God and it has the vision and perspective of the Creator.

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