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Remote Viewing

Remote viewing, astral projection & astral travel are all related, and they use the same features of consciousness that allows you (the observer) to see, feel and experience places, beings and environments that are not located in the strictly physical dimension that surrounds your body.

Here is a general description of what it is and how its done:

First — quiet the mind, and clear it of chatter and the concerns of daily life. Then, using your attention, concentration and energy ... dial-into a specific place, situation, thing or person. Use your imagination to “key-it-up” and help you to zero-in on the specific frequency and quantum field address of the object that you are interested in seeing and experiencing. With rapt attention, you stay focused inside yourself, and like magic ... the holographic content associated with the place or object of interest begins swirling into view — within the luminous theater of your Personal Inner Hologram.

It is commonly thought that a fragment of your consciousness actually goes to the physical location where the object of interest resides, and I believe that this is true as the universe is vast, mysterious, intelligent and we are incredibly interconnected.

But, I feel it is more profound and fascinating to think that you — the observer ... the remote viewer — you are a quantum being who is connected to All That Is, and by simply using your attention, you dail-into a destination and instantly connect with it. The connection is like clicking a link and visiting a website, only this happens naturally and spontaneously as your consciousness interacts with the universal quantum field. As soon as your awareness arrives at the quantum field address, then holographic material associated with the object swirls into view. You observe the holographic material
inside your Self ... in the theater of your Personal Inner Hologram ... where you see, feel, experience, interact with and ponder it ... and retain memories of those experiences.

Remote viewing is a natural, ordinary, incredibly insightful and beautiful aspect of consciousness. It is so ordinary and common, it is woven into the very fabric of who and what you really are. It is part of Nature and the alive, intelligent, blended, interconnected universe.

I say that we should consciously use remote viewing in relationship to the things that we love. For instance: if you love the undersea world of coral, or waterfalls and jungles on the other side of the planet, or if you have a special affection for birds ... then use remote viewing to see, feel and explore these beautiful things. The way remote viewing has been portrayed and popularized as a military tool or for people to visit secret institutions — that is a terrible perversion of such a subtle, intimate, interconnected, and beautiful ability of consciousness. Such use of remote viewing is the immature play of the macho-men of this world. They have used it in this way to compete and grow in power. Using our divine and beautiful awareness to remotely view ridiculously violent, politically-oriented, enemy-oriented places like military installations is disgusting and should be avoided by lovers of peace, Life, and the interconnected Universe. Using remote viewing the way that the military has used it, is the way the old-world thinks and is based in personal and group reality that wants separation, and to be in control and have the upper hand.

Remember: where you point your attention today ... has a lot to do with what you are lining-up with to experience in the future. I suggest that we use our innate abilities to see, visit and experience harmonious places of spectacular beauty and serenity ... places that fill us with gratitude, inspiration and wonder ... as that is the type of world that we want to align with, create, and live in — NOW and in the future.

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