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Personal Inner Hologram

Your personal hologram is a fusion of “inner” and “outer” realities in the crucible of inward-oriented awareness. To see it and interact with it, all you need to do is turn your attention around and look at what you are experiencing inside yourself. The attention that normally flows outward to the external world, is turned inward to look at the thoughts, feelings, dreams, spaces, environments, and characters that populate the Inner World.

You will notice that not only do your thoughts, feelings and memories live inside of you, but the entire external world flows through your senses and is projected into your luminous inner environment. In your personal hologram, images of the outside world exist side-by-side with the images and movies of your thoughts, feelings, dreams and worlds of imagination ... all are made of the same materials, seen on the same screens, and stored in the same place.

The whole universe and all its dimensions — all the worlds and characters, both real and imagined — live in your hologram. Each seemingly separate individual or thing that appears before your inner vision, exist as luminous structures made of light, sound, space and transmits feelings. Everything is imbued with its own consciousness and identity. Each part is actually a hologram itself. Everything exists as a universe inside a universe. You might say that an infinite number of smaller holograms live in the hologram of our Whole Self.

The personal hologram is the spacious inner stage for what you are experiencing, here-and-now. It is your personal outpost of consciousness — your mysterious matrix of awareness — that is plugged into multi-dimensional reality. Each of us has a reflection of the every-changing, dynamic universe inside of us.

Nearly everything in the universe of our personal holograms exists quietly ... in the vast invisible inventory of the quantum field. Most elements only come into view and emerge from the silent invisible depths, when we activate them with our attention. We effortlessly summon images, memories, ideas, people, situations, whole environments and feelings from the depths of the vast, invisible, quantum storage bank ... we summon them to come and stand before us, so that we can see and experience them in the live, interactive environment of our personal holograms.

And so, you can imagine the freedom that each person has in regards to what she makes appear and disappear in her Personal Inner Hologram. The infinite ocean of All That Is is available for experiencing, and it contains all worlds, visions and feelings of incredible chaos, those of great harmony and beauty ... and everything in between — both real and imagined. We as Creators may visit, experience, and remember — and then share stories and descriptions -- of any worlds and memories that we please. And, the things that we summon to see and experience inside ourselves, helps shape and customize our external, physical reality as well ... as the “inner begets the outer” in the creation of personal reality.

You are a dynamic, resonate, conscious, spiritual atmosphere. By your very nature, you instantly fly on the wings of inner, non-local perception (in the Personal Inner Hologram) to the quantum field addresses that your energy system is aligned to. If you do not go to places directed by your conscious will and highest intentions, then you usually fly to destinations that are dialed-into by default. That is, your energy is pre-set to tune-into inner places that have a certain look & feel, and will give you certain experiences that are found in the realms that your heart-brain system is use to interacting with.

From the point of view of pure awareness, you are a living, conscious, invisible, eternal soul who is observing and interacting with the holographic content that appears to live and move, and come and go,
inside your physical form. As pure awareness, your physical form is seen and felt as an idea and an atmosphere, rather than something solid ... and seemingly inside of it the Personal Inner Hologram unfolds in luminous, mysterious, spacious wonder.

Though a greater part of your soul-Self seems to be transcended from the holographic content that you’re experiencing, still, while you’re engaged with the content of thoughts, feelings, visions and dreams — you are entangled with them and are part of the fabric of what you are observing.

But you do not necessarily have to be attached to any of the holographic material, as you are a Creator and can make most of it come and go by the simple use of your attention, energy and emotions. In fact, this is how you are creating personal reality and setting-up future realities for you to experience ... by energetically manipulating your electromagnetic field and interacting with the holographic content that is arising in your Personal Inner Hologram.

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