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The Mysterious & Beautiful Orbs  •  What are orbs?
Mysterious & Beautiful Orbs

PHOTO CREDITS: Many of these photos were taken by and passed along by students of Ramtha.

he spherical orb-like shape is one of the most essential and common forms in the Universe. There are orb-shapes as small as atoms and up to the size of soap bubbles ... even planets are giant orb-shaped spheres. The materials composing orb-shaped things range from light, to water, to the densest matter.

I say this to give you a sense for the grand diversity in the world of orbs. The orb is a multidimensional form that the forces of the Universe use to build, connect, network, and orchestrate the symphony of Creation. Again: the orb shape is present in all frequencies ... from the densest matter to the most atmospheric realms of spirituality.

The types of “light” orbs that appear in digital photos fall into 3 categories:

   • water particles suspended in air
   • dust particles suspended in air
   • centers of consciousness

Water particle orbs:

I use to have a collection of about 100 orb photos, and I found that the number of orbs increased with the amount of moisture in the air. For instance: When I took photos in a thick mist of fog, the whole image would be full of orbs — literally tens of thousands of orbs. The denser the mist, the more orbs would be seen in the photos. I believe these orbs are tiny moisture particles suspended in the air. Their reflections are nearly all white, and they do not have much variation of colors within their spherical forms. They usually do not have a nucleus and will look pretty much all the same.

The photo below depicts water particle orbs, I assume. They are seen on a misty night above my garden. Their uniform triangular shape is explained later in this essay.

Water particle orbs

Dust particle orbs:

These look like the water particle orbs but maybe more dull in color. They also usually do not appear to have a center. Let’s say that you went into a storage room with your camera — a room that you do not visit frequently and so the tops of the boxes gather dust. If you slowly open the door and take a photo of the room, it probably will not reveal too many orbs. But once you go into the room and move around — and then take a photo — you will likely see many orbs in that image. In this case, you stirred-up the dust particles when you moved around, and the flash of your camera is reflecting off the particles floating in air.

Centers of consciousness orbs:

These are the most fascinating to me, of course, and they have a history in cultures going back at least to ancient Egypt. In digital photos, the orbs of consciousness can be any color in the rainbow, but when you examine them closely they often have many colors within their spherical form, many will have textures or additional visual features, and some will have a nucleus. These orbs can appear quite large in photos — up to several feet across — but the vast majority seem to be a few inches in diameter.

Centers of Consciousness orbs

The quality of your digital camera makes a difference in how the orbs appear in your photos

The quality of your camera gives it the ability to pick-up the subtle visual qualities of the orbs and transfer those qualities to the photos. Less expensive digital cameras may make all the orbs in your photos look flat and you may not be able to see the finer color details within the orbs. And, the less expensive cameras can make the spherical orbs morph into geometric shapes on the digital images — like hexagons, octagons, and even rounded-cornered triangles as in my photo, above. This is due to the quality of the camera’s aperture as it casts its influence upon the shape of the orb. The better the camera ... the more it leaves the orbs untouched and as-is, visually speaking.

Orbs of Consciousness

I like what the spiritual teacher Ramatha says: They are generally two different types of consciousness orbs:

The most common type are particles of consciousness that are coming from beings in non-physical dimensions, that have sent fragments of their awareness to our physical dimension to see, feel, touch and experience the delicious textures of this world. These beings can be sending their orbs of consciousness here, both intentionally in full awareness, and also by default in their dream and subconscious states.

The other common type of consciousness orb is from regular people like you and I (in physical human bodies) — we are sending fragments of our consciousness out into the 3D world to go exploring ... especially during the dream state, during flights of imagination, and less frequently during meditation. Also, when you are thinking about a certain place or event on the planet, you are sending a particle of your attention to it ... and that particle of consciousness can be perceived in a photos as an orb. The Grand Universe is full of life, from top to bottom, and so there can be numerous orbs visiting any place, at any time, in the past, present and at future times.

Hence, formless centers of consciousness can be perceived to be in the orb shape as they are visiting the environments within the holographic landscape of universal awareness. This is not necessarily the only shape that consciousness can be perceived as ... it is just a common, natural shape. Consciousness can also be seen as apparitions in an infinite variety of shapes: as human and animal forms, as ghosts and atmospheric swirls, and in different degrees of density and transparency ...

Apparition and orbs at Ramtha's

Out of body experiences and the natural forms that carry the centers of exploratory consciousness

During the conscious OB experience — when you are out of your body and visiting a certain environment — you may look down at your “self” and not see a body at all. That is the most common and natural way I find myself in, when out of body. This is one of the reasons why I call the OB state of awareness a
functional state of non-physical consciousness. In the OB state of consciousness, you simply are a center of awareness with no body or structure at all. But that is not a hard and fast rule, as you can see yourself and also be seen by others, in a variety of forms as well.

On some occasions when you are OB, you may look down and have a body, or you may see the reflection of your physical form in a mirror. But don’t be surprised if at one moment you see your body ... and two seconds later you don’t. That experience is natural and common in the out of body state of awareness. What has remained the same during the whole experience, is the true you — that is: you are a formless functional center of consciousness. The true and essential
you is fine. In this experience, you may also have the realization that you are a Soul that is separate from the physical body and you live in — or at least have the capacity to visit and explore — additional dimensions beyond the physical world. When the OB experience becomes repeatable, then you get the sense that you truly are a Soulful essence, and this essence will surely live on after your physical body passes away.

During a conscious OB experience, you may look down at your body made of light and it looks rather normal and can even be wearing the same clothes that your body has on in the physical world. And then as you continue looking at your OB light body, you watch it fade into transparency and it soon may completely disappear. Some people are shocked by this when they experience it for the first times. But this is totally natural and should be expected — I actually LOVE it, as it is a clear example of who and what I am — a functional form of consciousness! To the experienced out of body travelers, we humorously refer to that experience as the
Alice in Wonderland Effect. You should remember that who and what you really are has remained the same, with or without a physical body, or a light body. You are a functional, formless center of consciousness with amazing abilities, and you can travel to anywhere you please. Your light bodies simply appear when they want to and when the need arises.

Fragments of your own exploratory consciousness can take form in the orb shape, by default

Particles of your consciousness, when they are out of the body and visiting other places in this world or neighboring dimensions, can be perceived in various forms, including the orb shape. This includes fragments of your own consciousness that are simply involved in normal thinking (consciously and subconsciously) and dreaming, and also during meditation, and while you are having an out of body experience.

I mention the OB experience in relation to the orbs, as some of the orbs in our photos can be fragments of consciousness from normal people in this world who are having a particle of their awareness on exploratory journeys out of the confines of their physical body. Most of the OB experiences happen in the dream state or is unconscious. But, people can have conscious OB experiences, as well.

Students of Ramatha have set up experiments to explore this phenomena, as they are trained to have the out of body experience, at will, during meditation. A typical experiment involves two people and is set up like this: One person will be meditating at home in her usual spot, and tells her friend that she will go OB and visit a specific corner in a room, above the right edge of a table, that is in another building 10 miles away. She says that she will start meditating at 2 pm and is usually OB in 5 minutes. And so her friend should grab her camera and make sure that she is in that room, with the camera pointed at the exact spot that they agreed to ... and she should take a few pictures around 2:05 pm. I have seen photos from such experiments and they contain a single, large, radiant, colorful orb at the exact spot that both people agreed upon.

Orbs & Meditators at Ramtha's

Ancient Egyptian mythology
and orbs of consciousness

Years ago, in the first few days that I became interested in orbs of consciousness, and decided to collect photos and information about them .... by coincidence, a National Geographic magazine arrived in the mail with a fascinating reference to orbs of consciousness. I was so impressed with this coincidence and the artwork relating to orbs, that I used my scanner to capture the artwork to share it with others at some time in the future. I didn’t even save the NG magazine, but I saved these images and made notes regarding the credits, which are:

CREDIT FOR THE ART BELOW: Art by Kazuhiko Sano; Source: James P. Allen, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; printed in National Geographic Magazine.

The original artwork was a magazine fold-out, 10 inches high and 25 inches wide. Please click the small image below to see a larger version that I sized to fit a wide variety of computer screens. Below that is a link to a high-resolution pdf that is the scanned artwork at the original size. The pdf version is clear and allows you to read the text and see the details of the whole image.

Ancient Egyptian Orbs

Click here to download large pdf of artwork above. The pdf is 1.5 megabytes.

The image below is a close-up view of a portion of the left panel of the artwork:

Ancient Egyptian Orbs, close-up


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