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Out of Body Experience (OBE)

The conscious Out of Body Experience, Remote Viewing, and Astral Travel are all related through the use of the same abilities and functions of consciousness. They all are completely natural experiences that are produced through abilities that we all possess in our normal make-up as living, aware beings. These abilities are hyped-up to be the property of saints, mystics, the gifted, and the super-psychic ... but none of these people own the trademark or copyright on them, as these wonderful abilities are part of the essence of every being. They are part of the normal way that we think, dream, and consciously move about and share energy with each other and with the universe. I believe that everyone does these things, but few know they do it or recognize what is happening.
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The conscious Out of Body Experience takes place in here-and-now awareness. It is an experience in which the individual perceives herself to be an awake functional center of consciousness that is no longer contained within or limited by the physical body ... but is now operating
outside of it.

In a commonly-had OB experience, you as the observing consciousness, are in close physical proximity to your physical body, but you are not in it ... you are looking at your body from a position above it. For instance, your visual point of view may be near the ceiling of a room that your body is in, and you are
wide-awake — thinking and feeling — and looking down at your body and the physical surroundings in the room.

Then, from that location, you find yourself able to move as a form of consciousness simply by willing to do so, and you do not need your body to move around the room, go into other rooms, or even pass through walls and go outside and experience the trees, neighbor-hood, sky and stars.

I must mention that meditation is spectacular in the conscious OB state as your mind is bright, awake, and not constantly chattering. That is, during an OB experience, you may take your center of awareness to a quiet location and simply meditate. I believe that most people during the out of body state of consciousness find that they no longer are interested in the petty things of daily life, and when one goes OB regularly and consciously, it is easy to slow down, be still, and melt into the delicious, natural serenity of the universe.

In other OB experiences, the functional center of here-and-now presence that is YOU — awake and aware and free from the limitations of the body — may visit locations, environments and/or people anywhere on the planet. The same functional OB consciousness can visit other dimensions beyond the strictly physical, or you may find yourself visiting and experiencing a luminous portals between dimensions — between “this world and the next” you might say.

Conscious out of body experiences can occur during near death experiences and they happen to everyone at the time of the passing away of their physical body. Also, some people are able to have OB experiences repeatedly, anytime they please — at will. They are able to leave their physical body, and steer their awareness to any destination they desire, so that they may explore and experience the places, beings, thoughts, energies, environments, situations, lifetimes and worlds that they are interested in.

The theater where the OB experiences happen is within the landscape of an individual’s Personal Inner Hologram, as each person is experiencing the inner and outer worlds, from within her own luminous, dynamic, all-encompassing hologram. Hence, for those who can consciously go OB at will, all they need do is
dial-into the quantum field address of any destination they please, and they, as a functional form of consciousness, will be instantly transported to that destination.

I think that there truly is an aspect of the observer’s awareness that is taken to the destination that she is experiencing, as everything is intertwined and a part of each other. However, I feel it is more profound and accurate to consider that the observer is a quantum being who is connected to All That Is, and simply by using her attention to dial-into a destination ... she instantly connects with it, and the holographic material associated with that address swirls into view, in the theater of the observer’s Personal Inner Hologram ... for her to see, feel, experience, ponder ... and to retain as memories.

You are invited to look a these features of consciousness as being utterly and completely natural. They are so normal ... they are more a part of your essence than your hands and feet ... as you body will come and go, but you will always travel on the wings of consciousness to new bodies, new worlds, new lifetimes and to other dimensions. And so, Out of Body Experiences might be called a part of the normal functioning and rhythms of consciousness ... a normal part of simply being alive. It takes place as part of normal here-and-now experience. It happens unconsciously ... and can happen consciously.

Six things that are strikingly obvious after repeated out of body experiences:

1. Reality is plural.

2. It is multi-dimensional.

3. All experiences are holographic.

4. The fundamental basis of all versions of reality are built on an underlying structure that is highly and deeply orchestrated. Everything is intertwined into an infinite tapestry of unity and wholeness.

5. All worlds and experiences are had through models of self-creation, i.e.: everything is seen through a view of personal reality, even if that personal reality is expanded to the point where there is no individual, identifiable observer ... there still is center of consciousness that is everywhere ... the “I AM” or “I AM THAT” or the wordless-aliveness-thing that is both universal and also highly personal, simultaneously.

6. And through all these experiences, there is a sense of something far greater that transcends everything. Let’s call the thing that transcends everything: “First Source.” That is you, too.

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