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The Lyricus Teaching Order originates in the Central Race of the 7th Super Universe. Within the Central Race is a sub-race known symbolically as the Wingmakers. Within the Wingmakers there is a specific order of beings that are collectively known as Lyricus, and it is this group that is responsible for assembling and exporting the knowledge base necessary for a developing species to scientifically prove the existence of soul and establish the science of multidimensional reality as the nucleus knowledge system of the species.

Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines: the fields of genetics, neo-sciences, metaphysics, sensory data streams, psycho-coherence, cultural evolution, and the Sovereign Integral. Lyricus is not focused exclusively on philosophy or spiritual teachings. Its central purpose is the irrefutable discovery of the humanoid soul upon three-dimensional, life-bearing planets.

Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or Tibetan monks of the Central Race, except that the teachers of Lyricus place a much more significant emphasis on the nexus of the integrated sciences and arts. Nonetheless, they are a faction of the Central Race and bear responsibility for shepherding a species to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe.

This task requires a very broad agenda, encompassing genetics at its core, and the other six disciplines mentioned above as integral, but peripheral forces that propel a humanoid species to discover its own animating life force and the subtle vibratory fields in which it operates. Lyricus employs a variety of sensory data streams to awaken a species, ranging from music, books, art, science, culture, and mythology. Generally, these are isolated expressions, but as the species draws closer to the Grand Portal, the sensory data streams are increasingly integrated, encoded, and represent potent forces for the expansion of consciousness.

Generally, as the species approaches the cusp of the Grand Portal discovery, the Lyricus leader of the cultural quarter of power establishes the initial exterial facet of the knowledge system on the global communications network. This is done in the context of mythology or experimental project, and it demonstrates that the knowledge system being imported is resonant with the contemporary belief systems, but is not confined to words.

Wingmakers are an expression of an encoded sensory data stream that is designed to help in the awakening process of those individuals incarnating in ever increasing numbers over the next three generations. The Wingmakers sites — each of the seven — will be translated in a specific order. Each site carries a central theme that is connected to the seven disciplines of Lyricus. These seven disciplines — collectively — are the triggers for those incarnating in approximately 35–40 years who will be the scientists, scholars, psychologists, and artists that will uncover and disseminate the Grand Portal.

The Wingmakers are part of the mythological expression of Lyricus that typically accompanies its first exterial expression within a species. It is the “calling card,” announcing its initial approach as it treads softly among the species to which it serves. Wingmakers is the mythological expression of the underlying structure of the Lyricus Teaching Order. It is symbolic of how Lyricus is brought to the planet.

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