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The Hierarchy extends throughout the cosmos to the very borders of discovery. It has branches that extend from every star system, every dimension; and virtually all life forms are “leaves” of this cosmological tree. The Hierarchy constitutes the grand indoctrination of species, spirits, planets, and stars as they each evolve through the branches of the tree. It is an assemblage of externals that desire to invest their energies in support of a sub-group that has nested somewhere within the greatest of all structures: the Hierarchy. Service is the operational motive of the Hierarchy, and in most cases, this translates into the concept of saviorship.

The Hierarchy is composed of entities of all motives that have linked their energies into subgroups. Think of these subgroups as independent branches of a vast, cosmological tree — a structure that encompasses all things outside of Source Reality. The roots of the tree are bound in the soil of genetic memory and subconscious identity. At the base of the tree the first branches sprout and they are the oldest, representing the native religions of the specie. The middle branches are the orthodox religions and institutions, while the upper branches represent the contemporary belief systems that are newly emerging throughout the universe. The whole tree, in this definition, is the Hierarchy, and its purpose is to advance the evolution of life through a superstructure that results in the teacher/student ordering of the universe.

First Source is connected to individuals not organizations. Thus, the Hierarchy is unconnected to the Source in a vital and dynamic way. The Hierarchy is more connected to its own collective desire to help, to serve, to perform a function that allows the use of power in a positive way. In itself, this is not wrong or misguided. It is all part of the Primal Blueprint that orchestrates the unfoldment of consciousness from collective to individual and individual to collective. This is the spiral of integration that breeds wholeness and perfection within the Source Intelligence.

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