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First Source

First Source is God. It is the primal source from which all existence is ultimately linked. It is sometimes referred to as the Prime Creator and the One Soul.

First Source represents the overarching consciousness of all things. This includes pain, joy, suffering, light, love, darkness, fear; all expressions and conditions are integrated and purposeful in the context of First Source. It encompasses all things and unifies them in an all-inclusive consciousness that evolves and grows in a similar manner to how each individuated spirit evolves and grows.

In most cultures where the term “god” or “goddess” is used to define this omnipotent power, it often represents an entity that has evolved beyond the range of human comprehension and who manifests magical powers like manipulating the natural elements through thought or manifesting as non-corporeal Light Beings. These manifestations are described and depicted in virtually all cultures of the human race through its religious texts and mythology. While these may be entities that are highly evolved in their abilities and knowledge, they should not be confused with First Source.

First Source is not a manifestation, but rather a consciousness that inhabits all time, space, energy, matter, form, intent; as well as all non-time, non-space, non-matter, non-energy, non-form, and non-intent. It is the only consciousness that unifies all states of being into one Being. And this Being is First Source. It is a growing, expanding, and inexplicable consciousness that organizes the collective experience of all states of being into a coherent plan of creation; expansion and colonization into the realms of creation; and the inclusion of creation into Source Reality — the home of First Source.

This Being pervades the universe as the sum of experience in time and non-time. It has encoded ITSELF within all life as a vibration of frequency. This frequency is not perceptible to the three-dimensional, five sensory context of the human instrument, which can only detect a faint echo of this vibration. First Source is present in all. And all are able to contact First Source through this tone-vibration of equality. Prayers of supplication do not stir First Source to response. Only the core expression of the individual’s tone-vibration of equality will be successful in contacting First Source in a meaningful way.

First Source has many lower faces. These faces are often thought to be God Itself, but Gods are only a dimensional aspect of First Source and there are many faces of God as well. The Hierarchy has made this manifest, not First Source. First Source is not beholden to any law nor does It operate in conjunction with any other force or power. It is truly sovereign and ubiquitous simultaneously, and thus, Unique. It is not hidden or wary of life in any way. It simply is Unique, and therefore, incomprehensible except through the vibration encoded within all life.

The other faces of God have been created so the human instrument can fathom First Source and crystallize an image of this Unique Being sufficient to progress through the Hierarchy and access the Sovereign Integral perspective. Nevertheless, what you hold as God, is not First Source, but a facet of First Source developed by the Hierarchy as a comprehensible interpretation of First Source. We must tell you that these “interpretations” have been exceedingly inadequate in their portrayal.

Because First Source is Unique unto all creation, It is indescribable, unfathomable, and incomprehensible other than through the tone-vibration of equality stored in the entity level of the human instrument and accessible through the core expression of the entity. Until there are a sufficient number of individuals who operate from the Sovereign Integral consciousness, the genetic mind will make access to this vibration difficult to achieve.

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