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Evolution & the Concept of Time

When an individual evolves in consciousness it is quite different from the evolutionary process in terms of the physical body. For example, an individual can make a quantum leap in consciousness within a single moment in time, while in contrast, the physical body is gradually shaped over thousands of years. Thus, the entity transforms through a process of remembrance, while the human instrument — particularly the physical body — evolves through experience in vast stretches of linear time.

The individuated consciousness of the entity is the fragment of First Source that is seeking to be remembered within the human instrument. It lives in an eternal state of nowness and represents the continuity of time and consciousness across all dimensions of reality. In other words, all dimensions of time are simultaneously experienced by the entity consciousness, however, upon terra-earth, the human instrument is usually only conscious of one dimension of time, typically calibrated in linear seconds.

This is why time plays such a significant role in the evolution of three- and four-dimensional structures like the human instrument, but has very little influence on the transformation of consciousness itself. The human instrument is grounded in a physical body that is constantly being shaped by experience, emotion, and thought, all of which is self-created. On the other hand, the entity consciousness is the multidimensional Self. It is the union of all the different aspects of consciousness that are invested within the time/space universes through instruments of contact; be they human or otherwise.

The entity may simultaneously inhabit a thousand human instruments spread across 200,000 years of linear time. To the human instrument of a specific time period, it will seem to be the one and only existence, but to the entity, all of its lives are occurring in nowness. The entity consciousness is the "hub" around which its various human instruments connect in to like spokes of a wheel. And the outer rim of the wheel is represented as circular time within the dimensions of planetary life.

All of the “spokes,” or time-based lives, are linked together at the entity consciousness where they converge into non-time. From the entity consciousness, through the portal of the Wholeness Navigator, this same experience is transmitted to First Source, processed by Source Intelligence, and returned to the entity consciousness as a form of energy that enlarges the entities perspective on matters of destiny, existence, and purpose. It is virtually impossible to express this interrelationship between First Source, Source Intelligence, the entity, the human instrument, and time. Time makes it possible to segment this knowledge into fragments that can be shared between individual human instruments.

The human instrument is a composite of mental, emotional, and physical capabilities linked together to form a vehicle for the entity consciousness to experience planetary life. The human instrument evolves to better fit the needs of the entity. The entity transforms from a pure vibratory, individualized expression of First Source, to a Sovereign Integral who has created its own experiential reality, and re-defined itself by the planetary experiences therein.

Eternity, while it may seem to exclude time, is nonetheless a form of absolute time that is not isolated into a sovereign reality, but instead, integrated in all realities like a thread of light that draws the disparate realities into union. In this dimension of union — where the entity consciousness is whole and all realities converge — time is articulated not by the linear progression of seconds, but rather, by the expansion of the vibration of equality or love. Thus, in eternity, time is simply re-defined by a new value system upon which entities establish and recognize their growth.

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