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“Dialing in” happens INSIDE yourself ... in your mind and heart. Using your attention, will, feelings, energy, concentration and imagination, you tune-into something — it can be anything — and you make it psycho-dynamically appear in your Personal Inner Hologram for you to experience. What you are doing is dialing into specific quantum field addresses, and making the holographic material that’s connected to that address, appear inside yourself. You do this so that you can see, feel, experience and explore that material. Not only is this the way that the inner holographic material of thoughts, memories and dreams are experienced and recalled, but it is also how personal reality and group realities are created.

Most people use dialing-in purely by default. That is, they dial-into their shopping lists, their jobs, TV shows, trivia, run-of-the-mill relationships, news, their everyday problems, chaos, worries, jokes, competition of all types, survival issues, uninspiring fantasies ... and they create personal realities that have similar looks and feels to the holographic material they most frequently dial into (and see inside themselves). The “inner begets the outer” and so the inner holographic material literally shapes and customizes the reality that they see and experience in the world around them.

But, dialing in has no boundaries in regards to the type of content that you can tune into, as the storage place it pulls resources from is the universal quantum field. Hence, people who realize the power of this, can dial into content that is aligned with their most inspiring, harmonious desires. The Personal Inner Hologram is treated like a precious incubator for things that you want to experience in the future, as from what you are seeing and engaging with inside yourself ... the future flows.

The simple act of dialing into holographic content aligned with future realities that are good for you, for others, and for the planet, will be widely recognized in the future as one of the most powerful creative forces available to each and every person. When we collectively dial into, flow with, and nurture the same inner visions, not only will we overcome our current problems, but we'll also design and create future realities of great beauty, harmony, wisdom and inspiration.

These visions of our future are just now being seen and felt in the quietest, most inspiring realms of our souls. Look inside ... look into your Personal Inner Hologram and float into your Quiet Center of Stillness ... use your imagination to dial into these visions. Once you find them, then take care of them. Incubate them and make them grow in energy and brilliance so that their feelings and details begin to take shape and come more clearly into view.

Take care of these treasures as you are their guardian. Only share them with people who have empathy, kindness, and vision, as when you talk about this with others, the precious holographic material of our future is passed along to them, as well. Therefore, do not share your inner treasures with those who you intuitively feel will ridicule you, or try to destroy, harm or degrade the inner holographic content that reflects our future. Again: share it with those who will be good caretakers of it ... who will help nourish the vision in the quiet realms of their heart ... in their incubator of their luminous, Personal Inner Holograms.

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